Athermalization Model - of a Simple Imaging Module:
Thermal effects can reduce the quality of an optical image, and should therefore be considered in the design process. Thermal changes may affect


Lens - Sensor Athermalization
LS-2 VBG-stabilized laser sources

Raman spectroscopy and SERDS: VBG® stabilized Laser Sources

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Genesis MX family

Coherent Introduces New Single Frequency CW Visible Lasers

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COHERENT Inc at the LASYS 2012 - Product Highlights

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Jenoptik launches new Laser Rangefinder with Thermal Imager for Reconnaissance and Target Acquisition.

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DayLight DLS-MHF-Laser

Daylight Solutions Introduces a New Mode Hop-Free Laser Product Line with Enhanced Stability & Functionality for Spectroscopy in the Mid-IR

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REO Yellow HeNe

REO Introduces Yellow HeNe Lasers for Fluorescence Excitation

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Lasiris product TMFL

COHERENT presents its new Structured Light Laser Portfolio at the OPTATEC 2012

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TruLaser Tube 7000

New TruLaser Tube 7000 with pivoting cutting head

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The laser bar series SPL BKxx-40WFT

Osram: Highest Power for Industrial Lasers

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Micro Laser Module

Laser technology manufacturer measures up mobile phone market after developing micro module

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Calmar Laser

Calmar Laser to Exhibit Latest fs Fiber Laser Technology at CLEO 2012

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GenesisTaipan beams

Coherent Inc expands its product family of Taipan lasers up to 10 wavelengths

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Nufern fiber amplifier

Nufern: Awarded Military Contracts for 46 High-Power Fiber Laser Amplifiers

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Inexpensive Laser Modules

Small Laser Modules with a Length of 7 mm

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hard disk

Micro-Welding Small Parts Using Fiber Lasers

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Cobolt MLD lasers

High performance diode laser modules from Cobolt

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Modulated Dual Combiner

Modulated Cobolt Dual CombinerTM 473+594 nm for Optogenetics

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JK Lasers ships its first 1kW fiber laser

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TruLaser Cell 8030

Volkswagen AG’s first TruLaser Cell 8030 machines enter operations

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Sapphire SF

Coherent Launches Sapphire SF: Ultra Narrow Linewidth OPSLs at 488 nm and 532 nm

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TruMark Series

The right marking laser for any application

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