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Whitepaper: Shortest CEP stabilised Ti:Sapphire pulse

Abstract: A dual-output, self-synchronised, CEP-stabilised Ti:sapphire oscillator is presented, with a pulse duration of 4.4fs and a CEP phase noise of < 100 mrad using a Finesse 6 Pure pump laser.

Femto to short pulse: new precision in industrial production

The new ultrashort-pulsed laser source completes ROFIN's femto to short pulsed laser product lineup, now consisting of StarFemto FX, StarPico and PowerLine Pico. The lasers will be integrated into the manufacturer's market-leading turnkey solutions, notably the modular processing system MPS and the fine cutting workstation StarCut Tube. Read >>

TOPTICA goes round – and presents photons in all sizes, shapes and colors at LASER 2013

TOPTICA presents one of the largest selections of diode and ultrafast fiber lasers for photonics applications at the upcoming LASER World of Photonics 2013 show in Munich. Read >>



New MLR 4K Laser Rangefinder From FLIR

The MLR-4K can fire continuously at up to 3 ranges per second. The unit measures only 34 x 54 x 89 mm, weighs 118 grams (without cover) and consumes less than 2 watts (when ranging), making it the ideal solution for handheld systems, weapon platforms and stabilized airborne and maritime turrets. Read >>

DILAS Offers 120W, 100µm High-Brightness, High-Efficiency Fiber-Coupled, Tailored Bar Module

DILAS’ T-Bar module is ideal for research and development use in direct diode applications as well as for excitation of Yb3+ doped media (such as fiber lasers or solid state lasers) requiring robust but lightweight high-power, high-brightness diode laser sources. Read >>

Scientists propose revolutionary laser system to produce the next LHC

An international team of physicists has proposed a revolutionary laser system, inspired by the telecommunications technology, to produce the next generation of particle accelerators, such as the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Read >>

Laser Modules with 19 mm Diameter

FLEXPOINT® Dot and Line Lasers Read >>

Simulations uncover obstacle to harnessing laser-driven fusion

Under realistic conditions, hollow cones fail to guide energetic electrons to fuel Read >>

The Optoelectronics Company Launches New Range of Laser Collimators

Laser diode collimators are used to collimate the highly divergent beam that is emitted by a laser diode. They consist of a laser diode, a laser diode holder, a collimating lens holder and a high numerical aperture (NA) collimating lens. Read >>


Expert knowledge helps customers ramp up production and speed time to market Read >>

DILAS Announces Direct, Multi-Bar Diode Laser System

The direct diode laser system, DILAS SD3000 is available either with symmetric spot configuration (SD3000S) or with different line focus configurations (SD3000L). Its line focus is homogenized in the long direction. Read >>

Physicists demonstrate the acceleration of electrons by a laser in a vacuum

Accelerating a free electron with a laser has been a longtime goal of solid-state physicists. David Cline, a distinguished professor in the UCLA Department of Physics and Astronomy, and Xiaoping Ding, an assistant researcher at UCLA, have conducted research at Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York and have established that an electron beam can be accelerated by a laser in free space. Read >>

Compact laser modules ZM12 with optic head evolution – enhanced optic variety and focus mechanism

The range of small industrial laser modules ZM12 of Z-LASER, is designed to be a complete OEM laser solution. The laser modules fit for industrial manufacturing processes such as laser marking or machine vision applications, where superior quality and performance are elementary. Read >>

Highest Power Ultrafast Laser for High Throughput Materials Processing

The Talisker 1000 has three single wavelength versions available - near infrared (1064 nm), green (532 nm) and ultraviolet (355 nm) - all at 1000 kHz. The near IR is ideal for scribing and engraving stainless steel and other metals. Read >>

DILAS Announces Breakthrough in 638nm Fiber-Coupled Tailored Bar Modules Used for Cinema Projection

The T-Bar is a monolithic multi-emitter source, allowing the handling of multiple emitters during each manufacturing step, to lower complexity and ease manufacturing. The result is enhanced reproducibility, beam quality and fiber coupling efficiency. Read >>

“Ultrashort-pulse Lasers from ROFIN Achieve a New Level of Laser Material Processing without Thermal Damage” on the occasion of ROFIN’s participation at Medtec Europe 2013.

At Medtec Europe 2013 ROFIN will showcase new fiber and ultrashort-pulse lasers alongside improved turnkey solutions. Medical device manufacturers all over the world have successfully been working with ROFIN's femtosecond laser systems for more than three years now, providing a unique wealth of experience. Read >>

The First Ever USB 3.0 Beam Profiling Camera

Gentec Electro-Optics launch the Beamage 3.0, the very first USB 3.0 camera dedicated to Laser Beam Profiling. This new CMOS-based camera comes with a completely redesigned software that features both a highly intuitive user interface and powerful data analysis tools. Read >>

Small Laser Modules for Industrial Image Processing

As Short as a Match – FLEXPOINT® MV femto Read >>

Laser Machine Tool Improves Sign and Display Fabrication

Indoor signs for office buildings and other commercial structures are often produced by cutting out small letters or other shapes from acrylic sheets, and then affixing these cut pieces to a sign board with adhesive. A new generation of CO2 laser based machining systems delivers the desired cost and Read >>

Touchdown at 633 nm: eagleyard Photonics introduces a new family of single frequency red laser diodes

Integrated within the high reliable TO package style, eagleyard’s new GaAs-based DBR laser is capable of providing 10 mW @ 633 nm with a spectral linewidth of 750 kHz and below. Read >>

Osram is coordinating a BMBF project for developing high-brilliance infrared laser sources

As part of the ‘Integrated Microphotonics’ initiative, Osram Opto Semiconductors is coordinating the IMOTHEB project. The aim is to improve the performance of laser systems and at the same time reduce production costs. Read >>

Using fibre lasers for ground-breaking particle acceleration technologies

Scientists from the Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC) at the University of Southampton are part of an international project that is investigating the use of fibre lasers in ground-breaking particle accelerator technologies, such as the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Read >>

Spectra-Physics® Introduces World’s Smallest UV 1 W Q-switched Laser

The Explorer XP 355-1 delivers exceptional performance with short pulse width, superior beam quality, and unparalleled pulse-to-pulse stability for high quality processing, making it ideal for additive manufacturing, medical device manufacturing, UV marking and other precision UV micromachining applications Read >>

Ophir-Spiricon’s New Pyroelectric Laser Beam Profiling Camera Features Larger Array and GigE Interface

The Pyrocam IV is the company's latest beam profiling camera. It features a larger, 320 x 320 pixel pyroelectric array that can profile beams up to 25 mm without the need for reduction optics. The new electronics control design includes an interface to GigE (Gigabit Ethernet) cameras for high-speed applications. Read >>

ZFSM: Fibre-coupled laser technology

Its newly developed “ZFSM” laser systems utilize the inherently superior optical properties of fibres. Read >>

New Light Weight, Fiber-Coupled Tailored Bar (T-Bar) Module Meets Critical Metrics for Defense Market

DILAS new fiber-coupled tailored bar module meets the critical metric of <1 kg/kW of overall module weight to optical output power, while maintaining nearly 50% efficiency. In terms of specifications, this fiber-coupled module produces >300W output power at 976nm from a 200µm/0.22NA fiber in a total package weight of ~300g. Read >>

Boeing and Elbit Systems to Collaborate on Aircraft Defense Solutions

Elbit Systems Electro-Optics Elop Ltd. to provide Directed Infrared Counter Measure systems for Boeing platforms Read >>

Precision Lasers for the Alignment of Machines

Only 1 mm deviation at a distance of 20 meters Read >>

Spectra-Physics® Debuts Breakthrough High Power UV Hybrid Fiber Laser

Quasar® laser sets new industry standard for highest-throughput, precision micromachining Read >>

UV Fiber Laser Offers High Precision, High Throughput Processing

A unique new ultraviolet fiber laser from Coherent offers the precision processing capabilities of a short-pulse, picosecond laser, together with the high throughput speed characteristic of a Q-switched, diode-pumped, solid-state laser. This is because the Daytona™ 355-20 delivers over 20W of power in sub-nanosecond pulses, at repetition rates of over 1 MHz (at 355 nm). Read >>

Photon NanoScan™ 2 Scanning Slit Laser Beam Profiler Features New USB2 Interface, Enhanced Digital Controller, M2 Wizard

The NanoScan 2 system uses moving slits - one of the ISO standard scanning aperture techniques - to measure beam sizes from microns to centimeters at beam powers from microwatts to kilowatts, without attenuation. Read >>

Compact Laser Machine Enables Cost Effective Panel Fabrication

Bradley Nameplate is a US based manufacturer of nameplates, signage and other products fabricated from plastics, films and thin metals. A substantial part of the company’s business is instrument panel overlays, typically fabricated using thin polycarbonate. There is an increasing demand in this market for Read >>

Industry's Largest Area Laser Beam Profiling System Features 10.6 Mega-Pixel Camera, Measures Beam Widths to 35 mm

The L11059 camera is designed for measuring large laser beams that require fast frame rates, low noise, and high responsivity. The camera's high resolution, 4008 x 2672 pixel format allows profiling of beams up to 24 x 36 mm without the need for reduction optics. Read >>

Redfern Integrated Optics Introduces 1064nm Narrow Linewidth Low Noise PLANEX™ Laser

The new 1064nm PLANEX™ laser is packaged in the same 14-pin butterfly package as its 1550nm counterpart and is also available in the ORION™ module equipped with its ultra-low noise current source, TEC driver and controller with standard communications interface and GUI. Read >>

Spectra-Physics® Expands Portfolio with Two Advanced Scientific Lasers

New highest power single-frequency tunable and short-pulse ultrafast lasers extend Spectra-Physics’ scientific lasers portfolio. Read >>

Ophir Photonics Introduces StarLite, Low Cost Laser Power / Energy Meter Supports Digital and Analog Screen Displays

StarLite monitors power and energy for all Ophir thermopile, pyroelectric, and photodiode sensors. Read >>

ALPhANOV showcases its latest innovations during the PHOTONICS WEST trade show

Every year, the international exhibition of Photonics West gathers the main actors of the world in optics and photonics. This event is an opportunity for ALPhANOV, the French Optics and Lasers Technology Center to exhibit its innovations: A laser module generating picosecond pulses, 3D printer laser system for transparent materials, an innovative femtosecond laser process for nanotexturation Read >>

New High Power Detector Reads up to 2 500 W from Gentec-EO

The UP55C-2.5KW-HD measures both very low and very high powers, thanks to a noise level of just 200 mW and a maximum measurable power of 2 500 W. Read >>

Photonics Industries has the highest power air-cooled UV Q-switched Laser

The DC laser has the advantage of the controller separated from the laser head. While including the control electronics in the laser head can have advantage for some applications such as field portability, in general, it unnecessarily increases the size, weight, heat load and reliability of the laser. Read >>

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