TopMode: Better than a “Blue HeNe” High-Coherence, Single-Frequency OEM Lasers

TOPTICA’s new TopMode

TopMode lasers with SmartDock™ fiber coupler (left) and free-beam output (right).

January 17, 2013

TOPTICA’s new TopMode diode lasers provide high-power, highcoherence mode-hop free operation. At blue-violet wavelengths, they achieve the highest single-frequency output power of any direct diode-based system while still operating as easily as a HeNe laser. The TopMode lasers feature a spectral width of less than 5 MHz, translating into a coherence length greater than 25 m.

TOPTICA’s proprietary CHARM (CoHerence-Advanced Regulation Method) technology actively stabilizes the lasers’ coherence and ensures continuous single-frequency operation. CHARM eliminates mode-hops and prevents sudden step changes of the laser power or frequency. This results in an excellent stability of the diode laser and enables accurate measurements in demanding laser-based inspection and metrology tasks (e.g. interferometry, holography, scatterometry and Raman spectroscopy).

Setting an industry record, the 405 nm TopMode offers as much as 100 mW output power. At the well-established HeNe wavelength of 633 nm, the corresponding model provides an output of 30 mW. Other available wavelengths are 445 nm, 515 nm, 488 nm and 685 nm. Users can choose between a free-beam output and optional fiber-coupling, realized with TOPTICA’s patented SmartDock™ coupler.

TopMode Charm Control
TopMode Charm Control.

The TopMode CHARM Control – completely new, digitally controlled electronics – drives the TopMode lasers. The compact flatpack design features a powerful built-in microprocessor for precise electric and thermal management and the CHARM stabilization. A professional graphic user interface (GUI) allows starting and stopping the laser, or activation of the CHARM feedback loop, with just a mouse click.

The TopMode lasers will be on display at the TOPTICA booth #(8)623 at the upcoming BiOS / Photonics West show in San Francisco.

TopMode wavelengths and output power levels
TopMode wavelengths and output power levels.

Key Features
• Diode laser with best wavelength & coherence stability
• Wavelengths: 405 / 445 / 488 / 515 / 633 / 685 nm
• Up to 100 mW single-frequency power
• Linewidth < 5 MHz, coherence length > 25 m
• Integrated “CHARM” control for mode-hop-free operation
• Optional SM/PM fiber coupling

• Interferometry and holography
• Precision metrology
• Raman spectroscopy
• Quantum cryptography
• Photonic down-conversion

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