TOPTICA scores from the red zone

A team of new and improved lasers deliver @ 633 nm

TOPTICA’s line up for the red zone

TOPTICA’s line up for the red zone

January 9, 2013

There is no stopping TOPTICA from entering the red zone. Whether for scientific research or OEM integration, TOPTICA lasers offer unparalleled dependability with their user-friendliness, excellent stability and reliable operation. Tunable, fixed frequency, research grade or OEM platform, all lasers are available in the red wavelengths excellently suited for applications such as Holography, Interferometry, and Metrology.

Record-breaking and the only one of its kind in terms of power, wavelength and coherence stability, TOPTICA’s sleek new TopMode laser replaces bulky, power-consuming gas ion lasers. The proprietary CoHerence-Advanced Regulation Method (CHARM) provides active stabilization of the lasers’ coherence and ensures relentless singlefrequency operation for round-the-clock operation. Engaging state-ofthe- art diode technology to reach the highest single-frequency output power of any direct diode-based system in the world, the triumphant TopMode laser provides 30 mW @ 633 nm (free beam). Featuring 20 m coherence length, the TopMode laser is a push-button OEM grade laser solution.

A unique patented resonator design delivers single-frequency output power of up to 35 mW, making the new DL pro HP a tunable alternative to HeNe lasers. Featuring 50 m coherence length, the DL pro HP incorporates TOPTICA’s ‘pro’-technology, which represents stability, ease-of-use and precision. This product builds on the successful DL 100 and DL 100 / pro design series, and now provides a larger tuning range, higher output power and a linewidth of 1 – 2 MHz.

TOPTICA’s TA pro, a narrow-band, tunable continuous-wave laser, offers 100 m coherence length (1 MHz). The TA pro employs a sophisticated laser design with flexure joints, specially developed mirror mounts and a solid laser head created from a single metal block, all capable of defending against noise or temperature attacks.

Also available in a high power version, the TA pro provides output power of up to 3 W. At 633 nm, the TA pro scores 150 mW!

Performing at the highest power level of all red lasers, the TA-SHG pro system offers 700 mW at 633 nm. With 100 m coherence length, this frequency-doubled system provides best beam profile with the stability and user-friendliness of all TOPTICA ‘pro’ lasers!

All lasers are available with fiber-coupled or free beam output and are TEM00.

Come and enter TOPTICA’s red zone at BiOS / Photonics West 2013 at Booth (8)623! We will show you a live demonstration of our capabilities!

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