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Laser Modules with 19 mm Diameter

Laser Modules - all housings with diameter 19 mm

Laser Modules - all housings with diameter 19 mm

March 26, 2013

For laser modules a housing diameter of 19 mm is in demand, which is why at LASER COMPONENTS you can now receive all FLEXPOINT® dot and line lasers with this option. In this version dot lasers are 63 mm long, and line lasers are 77 mm long. The 19 mm housing is more robust than the previous version and designed for industrial applications. The sealed housing withstands dust, dirt, extreme temperatures, and moisture – it even resists mechanical stress.

The lasers are available in many wavelengths in the blue, red, and NIR spectral region: 405, 445, 635, 660, 785, 850, and 905 nm. Different output power levels are available, even those that exceed 100 mW. LASER COMPONENTS is also known for individual, single-piece production. LASER COMPONENTS‘ production facility is able to produce customized modules esasily and with short delivery times.

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