Small Laser Modules for Industrial Image Processing

As Short as a Match – FLEXPOINT® MV femto


FLEXPOINT® MV femto - as short as a match.

February 26, 2013

As short as a match and thinner than a pen: this is the FLEXPOINT® MV femto, LASER COMPONENTS‘ smallest line laser for industrial image processing. The new laser module measures 8 mm in diameter and is 40 mm long which makes it suitable for small 3D laser sensors.

LASER COMPONENTS watches your waistline: the focus of the MV femto is factory-set to the individual working distance. This allows the best line quality possible; as small and homogeneous as possible - as low as 20 μm.

The MV femto is available in two different wavelength ranges - red (635 to 660 nm) and NIR (785 to 850 nm). The maximum output power is 50 mW.

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