CH-62 image

CH-62 image

April 19, 2013

Model CH-62 OPTICAL CHOPPER/SHUTTER is a low cost VARIABLE LOW FREQUENCY device (DC to 25Hz) that consists of a blade mounted on a motor with a limited rotation angle. Current in one direction will set the chopper to the open position and current in the other direction will set the chopper to the close position.

Using Electro-Optical Products Corp. DCH-62 driver with the “MODE” selector switch provides two modes of operation for the CH-62 chopper/shutter:
In the internal mode the CH-62 is used as a variable low frequency chopper. The chopping frequency is set by an internal oscillator adjustable from 1 Hz to 25 Hz.

In the external mode the CH-62 is used as a chopper or as a shutter and is controlled by an external TTL signal input. “high” input keeps the CH-62 open , “low” input keeps it close. Response time is 10msec. Maximum frequency for TTL input is 25Hz.

There is NO CLICKING NOISE when closing the device. It is ideal for medical applications where patients get tense and edgy when they hear the “click” noise.

The chopper is easy to integrate and available in high volume quantities. It is especially suitable for low cost dedicated applications, OEM, built into an instrument/system, and portable systems.

APERTURE SIZE: 0.625" (16mm) Dia
RESPONSE TIME: 10 mSec, from an OPEN position to a CLOSE position, or vice-versa
FREQUENCY STABILITY: 0.1% internal clock, 0.005% with external crystal clock input

*NO CLICKING NOISE (no hard stop).
*Simple to operate
*Jitter free operation
*High frequency stability (to 0.005%)
*Small size
*Withstands shock and vibration
*High reliability, long life
*Accepts external clock input
*Phase locking to an external input
*Can be stopped in the "ON" or "OFF" position
*No radiated electromagnetic interference (EMI)
*Bright or dark blade
*A BOXED chopper optional
*Special pricing for OEM applications.

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