DILAS Offers 120W, 100µm High-Brightness, High-Efficiency Fiber-Coupled, Tailored Bar Module

DILAS Tailored Bar Module

DILAS Tailored Bar Module

April 17, 2013

Mainz, Germany, April 17, 2013 – DILAS, the diode laser company, offers a 120 Watt, high-brightness and high-efficiency device from a tailored bar (T-Bar) based, 976nm, 100-micron, 0.22NA fiber-coupled module.

Through the optimization of semiconductor chip structures and optical parameters, DILAS’ T-Bar architecture delivers high beam quality and high power using standard micro-optic fast-axis collimators (FAC) and slow-axis collimators (SAC), all assembled with automated processes. The T-Bar is a monolithic, multi-emitter source, allowing the handling of multiple emitters during each manufacturing step, to lower complexity and ease manufacturing. The result is enhanced reproducibility, beam quality and fiber-coupling efficiency.

DILAS’ T-Bar module is ideal for research and development use in direct diode applications as well as for excitation of Yb3+ doped media (such as fiber lasers or solid state lasers) requiring robust but lightweight high-power, high-brightness diode laser sources.

DILAS, the diode laser company, is focused on delivering the most innovative technologies and advanced product solutions in the industry. Founded in 1994 in Mainz, Germany, with operations in North America and Asia, DILAS designs, develops and manufactures quality high-power, high-brightness semiconductor laser components, modules and systems, including fiber-coupled products for worldwide distribution. For more information about DILAS, including product updates, visit the company’s website at www.DILAS.com.

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