Photonics Industries has the highest power air-cooled UV Q-switched Lase

Photonics Industries’ DC laser

Photonics Industries’ DC laser

January 25, 2013

(Bohemia, NY - Jan 25, 2013) - Photonics Industries (PI) developed the world’s smallest form factor air-cooled diode pumped solid state UV laser back in 2001, the DC Series. Today the DC Series is still the world’s smallest/most powerful UV Q-switch laser commercially available.

The DC laser has the advantage of the controller separated from the laser head. While including the control electronics in the laser head can have advantage for some applications such as field portability, in general, it unnecessarily increases the size, weight, heat load and reliability of the laser.

For industrial applications, reliability is the most important parameter. Specifically with air-cooled lasers there is a keen interest to minimize the size and weight of the laser head as it is typically mounted on a gantry in an automated manufacturing environment. Including the control electronics in the laser head increases the heat load 2 to 3 times in the laser head necessitating the need for larger, heavier heat sinks to dissipate the added heat of the electronics. Increasing the heat load in the laser head reduces the laser’s reliability.

Photonics Industries’ air-cooled DCH-355-3 laser achieves 3W of TEM00 (M2 <1.3) UV power. In addition to our high power (up to 4W at 355nm) YVO4 based DC lasers, PI also offers the highest pulse energy (up to 1.5mJ @ 1 kHz) YLF based laser in the same air-cooled DC Series small form factor. Over the years, PI has shipped over 1000 of these small form factor DC Series lasers all over the world proving PI the leader of this high power compact UV laser technology.

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