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Laser Quantum

Laser Quantum

November 7, 2012

Laser Quantum is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of Gigaoptics GmbH, Konstanz, Germany; a market leader in Ti:Sapphire GHz femtosecond lasers and oscillators.

Gigaoptics has integrated Laser Quantum’s finesse and opus pump lasers for its GHz systems for a number of years, and more recently, the two companies have collaborated on product development to the benefit of their customers.

Laser Quantum

The acquisition was completed recently with the CEO of Laser Quantum, Dr Lawrie Gloster stating “the joining of our companies will provide sales and support for our customers right in the heart of the German-speaking territories, and bring new products with new capabilities and additional benefits to scientists and researchers working in the photonics and biophotonics field worldwide”. Dr Albrecht Bartels, who remains the CEO of the German business section adds “I am very pleased with this liaison because it combines the complementary expertise of both companies and enables us to offer laser products with a superb level of engineering to the international research, OEM and life sciences markets”. Gigaoptics will remain based in Konstanz and will be renamed Laser Quantum GmbH.

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