660 nm cw Laser Diodes at 50 mW

Available at Least until 2017

cw Laser Diodes from Arima Lasers

cw Laser Diodes from Arima Lasers

July 31, 2012

LASER COMPONENTS offers the red 660 nm cw laser diodes from Arima Lasers that meets all the expectations of technologically superior products at unbeatable prices.

At an output power of 50 mW this diode features a high operating temperature, minimal power consumption, and a very high life expectancy of about 30,000 hours.

The marginal divergence of only 9° x 17° makes it significantly easier to achieve a high-quality beam profile in analytical and life science applications. Due to its high power, this laser diode is also suited for use in laser scanners and line lasers.

Further product information:
Diffractive Optical Elements for Beam Shaping

Arima Lasers Corporation .

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