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405 nm and 445 nm FLEXPOINT® Line Lasers

MV modules

MV modules

October 23rd, 2012

Wavelengths between 400 nm and 450 nm are becoming more and more popular in machine vision applications. Blue line lasers provide a strong contrast, particularly when measuring red objects. They are, therefore, primarily used to measure red-hot steel. They are also used in the food processing industry (e.g., to classify salmon). The shorter wavelengths produce a thinner line than their red counterparts and thus enable higher resolutions.

All LASER COMPONENTS‘ FLEXPOINT® MV modules are, therefore, also available with a violet 405 nm and a blue 445 nm beam, effective immediately. The output power is in the range between 1 mW and 400 mW.

Beam profile. LASER COMPONENTS equips the laser with the required beam profile. A homogeneous line, multi-lines, dot matrices, cross-hairs, or circle lasers nearly every desired profile option is available.

MV series. The right module is available for each application! Of the machine vision laser modules, there are six series available, each of which is designed for a very specific application.

Prototypes and customer-specific solutions. All FLEXPOINT® laser modules are designed and manufactured in Germany. It is easy for customers to talk to the LASER COMPONENTS‘ R&D engineers to develop the best laser module for their application.

Further product information:
Blue and purple-blue FLEXPOINT® 405 nm and 445 nm

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