Dynamic Precision Group - Turbo Combustor Technology Initiates Long Term Supply Agreement for LASERDYNE® Systems

LASERDYNE 795XL and 890 systems

LASERDYNE 795XL and 890 systems included in the Long Term Supply Agreement

October 12, 2012

Champlin, Minnesota: Prima Power Laserdyne, the world leader in precision multi-axis laser machining systems, announced a long term multi-system supply agreement with Dynamic Precision Group – Turbo Combustor Technology (TCT) of Stuart, Florida.

Terry L. VanderWert, President, Prima Power Laserdyne, LLC, made the announcement saying, “Our agreement with Dynamic Precision Group - Turbo Combustor Technology is for the supply of new LASERDYNE 795XL laser systems and remanufacture of their existing LASERDYNE 890 systems. They are also adding a “new” remanufactured LASERDYNE 890 system.”

“We have had an especially close relationship with TCT since 1994, and with this agreement they will become one of our largest customers in terms of number of systems. TCT has also joined as a partner in our collaboration with IPG Photonics investigating the use of fiber lasers for creating all types of cooling holes in turbine engine components. The expansion of TCT’s laser drilling capability comes at a critical time for the turbine engine manufacturing community. New designs have dramatically increased the requirement for laser drilled holes. This along with the planned introduction of new engine models requires a rethinking of the manufacturing process with the challenge of further increasing throughput and quality. We are gratified that they have the experience and confidence to become a partner in that effort.”

“We are especially pleased to create this agreement with Dynamic Precision Group -Turbo Combustor Technology,” stated Mr. VanderWert. “With over 30 years of experience providing components and assemblies for the aerospace industry, Turbo Combustor Technology personnel understand the requirements of aerospace parts and are very effective at judging and employing laser system features. A customer with this foresight and ability is a valued partner,” stated Mr. VanderWert.

Founded in 1951, Dynamic Precision Group -Turbo Combustor Technology, Inc. is a part of the Carlyle Group and has two plants in Stuart, FL and one each in Cincinnati, OH and Budapest, Hungary. They manufacture combustors and complex sheet metal fabrications for virtually all leading aerospace engine manufacturers.

Gary Loringer, head of laser processing for Turbo Combustor Technology, stated that the LASERDYNE 795XL systems will be used to process existing as well as new designs. “These systems are the most versatile and accurate multi axis laser processing systems available. Laserdyne has demonstrated their leadership in system design and control with their ability to obtain the most from the relatively new fiber laser technology. They have installed the largest number of fiber lasers systems in our field and have a keen understanding of how to exploit the potential of this laser. We also appreciate the philosophy they have of offering to remanufacture older LASERDYNE 780 and now 890 systems. This provides us with the advantages of the Laserdyne S94P control, the new high accuracy and compact BeamDirector BD3Y as well as software and hardware process control tools in a system design we are familiar with. The BeamDirector BD3Y design will allow the processing of the ever increasingly complex hole patterns, angles and shapes as well as provide access for drilling smaller combustors. There is no other company with this depth of experience and commitment to the customer,” reported Loringer.

The LASERDYNE 795XL is a six-axis system with a 2m x 1m x 1m (80 inch x 40 inch x 40 inch) work envelope that incorporates a high accuracy rotary table and Laserdyne’s latest controller, the S94P. The S94P controller has allowed Laserdyne engineers to improve and introduce hardware and software features such as Optical Focus Control (OFC) and BreakThrough Detection. OFC complements Laserdyne’s patented Automatic Focus Control (AFC) which together has been shown to not only produce parts with a shorter cycle time but with a better flow consistency.

For more information on the LASERDYNE 795XL system or the exclusive Laserdyne remanufacturing:

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