Fluiten Italia S.p.A. Takes Delivery Of A LASERDYNE 430 Fiber Laser System

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Laserdyne 430 four-axis fiber laser system delivered recently to Fluiten Italia S.p.A. The operator is shown preparing the system for a new project. The company is using its new Laserdyne 430 system for a broad range of applications in the manufacture of seals used in nuclear reactor columns, naval vessels and petro chemical refineries.

August 23, 2012.

Champlin, Minnesota: Prima Power Laserdyne, the world leader in precision multi-axis laser machining systems, announced that Fluiten Italia S.p.A. of Milan Italy has taken delivery of a LASERDYNE 430 four-axis fiber laser system.

Founded in 1962, Fluiten is Europe's premier designer and manufacturer of mechanical seals used in a broad range of applications including nuclear reactor columns, naval vessels, pharmaceutical processing systems, and petro chemical refineries, to name just a few. The newly acquired LASERDYNE 430 will be used to precision weld high-pressure and temperature resistant components used in the manufacture of Fluiten seals.

"We are especially pleased with Fluiten's order for a LASERDYNE 430 system," stated Terry L. VanderWert, President of Prima Power Laserdyne. "Increasingly, manufacturers requiring precision welded components are finding it advantageous to invest in the best manufacturing technology available and that more often means LASERDYNE laser system technology. Laserdyne was one of the first system providers to offer fiber laser technology to our customers. We have found it initially very effective for precision cutting, and many of our customers who manufacture turbine engine component are using this to great success."

"Fluiten will be utilizing the full array of LASERDYNE hardware and software features integrated with the latest high power fiber laser,” Mr. VanderWert reported. “Highly efficient fiber lasers provide both operational advantages as well as key technical features associated with the small beam diameter and deep penetration welding. An area of interest for both companies is that with Fluiten's welding applications, there is an opportunity to combine the motion and process control capability associated with LASERDYNE beam quality and control of the fiber lasers to create welding processes that meet the most demanding requirements. This was accomplished through the joint efforts of Luca Bianchini, European Sales Manager for LASERDYE and Allan Callander, Product Manager for the LASERDYNE 430 product."

The LASERDYNE 430 is a four-axis system designed for precision cutting, welding and drilling 2 and 3 dimensional components. The system operates at speeds up to 800 inch/min in the X, Y, Z axis (0-20 m/min) with bi-directional accuracy of 0.0005 inch (12.7 micrometer). This accuracy is throughout the system’s 585 x 408 x 508 mm work envelope, making it ideal for laser processing a broad range of Fluiten components manufactured to UNI EN 12756 (ex DIN 24960) standards. These include laser processing helical spring seals, bi-directional seals, and seals with integral flanged and jacketed casings at the highest rates with precision quality.

The LASERDYNE 430 system has LASERDYNE’S latest and most powerful system controller, the S94P. The LASERDYNE 430 includes the full complement of LASERDYNE hardware / software features where required, with features such as BreakThrough® Detection (BTD) and LASERDYNE’S patented Automatic Focus Control® (AFC). These features have been employed by system users to laser process complex electronic, medical, and turbine engine components in far shorter cycle times with superior quality than other laser systems.

Fluiten Italia S.p.A. is an ISO 9000 and Vision 2000 accredited company founded in 1962 specializing in designing and manufacturing a broad line of mechanical seals used in applications ranging from energy to chemical processing. From the smallest 200 mm diameter water seal used in water purification systems to the largest seal fitted to the bottom of a nuclear reactor column that operates at 350°C, Fluiten's products are known for their precision and high quality. Most of the products are used in extreme operating conditions and have made the Fluiten name synonymous with outstanding technical expertise and stringent quality control.

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LASERDYNE systems have become the brand of choice by critical tolerance component manufacturers and suppliers with nearly 700 total systems, including 400 multi-axis systems, and over 300 systems dedicated to aerospace / defense manufacturing in use worldwide. In addition, systems are used for laser processing automotive, electronics, power, fine mechanics and medical devices. LASERDYNE SYSTEMS provides a variety of multi-axis laser machining systems designed for the most demanding drilling, cutting and welding applications. Products include 2D and 3D motion systems with a range of options for the specific application and production requirements. Lasers incorporated include CO2, pulsed Nd:YAG and fiber lasers.

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