EKB Technologies Ltd, presented the World’s 1st Laser LightCrafter™ (0.3” WVGA DLP® development platform) in the 7th International Symposium on Emerging and Industrial DLP® Applications on October 30, 2012 in Frankfurt, Germany

Laser LightCrafter™

The Laser LightCrafter™

December 3, 2012

EKB Technologies Ltd Laser LightCrafter™ with NIR laser was featured in Germany and displayed significant improvement in the depth of field that created excitement in the industry with their highly desired feature in many structured light applications.

The LightCrafter™ is Texas Instruments, compact, LED based, DLP® evaluation module for integrating projected light into industrial, medical, and scientific applications.

The Laser LightCrafter™ consists of a new light engine based on an NIR laser and two LED’s at the VIS spectrum (GREEN and BLUE), and is compatible with the LED based LightCrafter™ which also uses the same hardware and software along with a 0.3” DMD engine based chip.

“This platform is one of our successful developments along with our ‘LaserBeamer™’ for the Discovery4100™ and the LightCommander™ development platforms, which enables companies to use a laser light source in their application with no extra efforts”, said EKB’s CEO, Sharon Kapellner.

EKB’s Laser LightCrafter™ minimizes the need for unnecessary focus adjustments since the system stays in focus approximately 5 times greater than the LED configuration. This system is bringing a whole new horizon to DLP® advancements from the predecessor RGB LED based LightCrafter™.

With a growing demand in the market to produce an IR based engine for machine vision and structured light applications, EKB’s Laser LightCrafter™ system is bringing enthusiasts from many companies around the World asking EKB about the availability of their newest and upcoming technology.

Laser LightCrafter™

EKB’s CTO, Yuval Kapellner, announced, “The current version available now for the first time in the market is our 1W NIR LD at 808nm. We also offer a large variety of DLP® based production modules (including UV light option) ready to be easily embedded into our customer’s products.” EKB mentions that they will also be releasing their more powerful LED based LightCrafter™ which they developed based on the same new architecture without the NIR feature.

As EKB also pushes forward towards the release of their 5W version in the coming months, their EKB LightCrafter HB™ (High Brightness) is expected to deliver higher optical output of 80Lm rather than a 20 Lm from the first LED based LightCrafter™. For more information contact EKB Technologies Ltd at +972-3-659-4490 or info@ekb.co.il


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