Fiber-Coupled Module Now Offers Increased Brightness at 793nm

DILAS 105um

DILAS 105um

July 31, 2012

Tucson, Arizona, July 31, 2012 – DILAS, the diode laser company, now offers substantially higher brightness with its 105-micron fiber-coupled module at 793nm. The conduction-cooled fiber-coupled diode laser module based on diode laser bars delivers 32-watt from a 105-micron fiber core at a wavelength of 793nm with a numerical aperture (NA) of <0.22.

Measuring 90mm x 31mm x 20mm (L x W x H), this industry-standard package boasts a wall plug efficiency (WPE) of greater than 40% at operating current. The module typically operates at <60A of current with a compliance voltage of 1.8V. Standard wavelength tolerances are +/-3nm with spectral widths less than 5nm.

This industrial package is intended to service a variety of applications that range from fiber laser pumping to micro-materials processing to medical uses. At 793nm, this fiber-coupled module is ideal for pumping thulium (Tm)-doped fiber lasers and amplifiers which are specifically used in eye-safe applications, emerging medical applications and remote sensing, amongst others.

This product is also offered at 35-watts at 808nm and 40-watts at 976 from a 105µm core diameter fiber with a numerical aperture (NA) of 0.22.

DILAS, the diode laser company, is focused on delivering the most innovative technologies and advanced product solutions in the industry. Founded in 1994 in Mainz, Germany, with operations in North America and Asia, DILAS designs, develops and manufactures quality high-power, high-brightness semiconductor laser components, modules and systems, including fiber-coupled products for worldwide distribution. For more information about DILAS, including product updates, visit the company’s website at

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