High performance fiber pigtailed diode laser modules

Cobolt MLD Series

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August 1, 2012

Cobolt, Swedish manufacturer of high performance lasers, announces the release of a true fiber pigtailed option for the Cobolt MLD Series of high performance fixed wavelength diode laser modules.

The Cobolt MLD™ Series consist of high performance diode laser modules offering optimum beam quality and modulation performance from a small and compact package, with fully integrated electronics. Manufacturing using Cobolt’s unique HTCure™ Technology ensures world-class quality reliability and lifetime, as well as unmatched robustness.

The 640-660 nm models of the Cobolt MLD Series are now available with a true fiber pigtail option for simple, stable and flexible beam delivery. The SM/PM fiber is fixed inside the hermetically sealed package using proprietary HTCure™ technology resulting in a permanently aligned, true fiber pigtailed laser with excellent polarization extinction ratio (>100:1), a stable output (specified as out of the fiber) over a large temperature range and high insensitivity to transport conditions.

The standard configuration for the fiber pigtailed option is a 1 m SM/PM fiber with 3 mm jacketing and an FC/APC output connector.

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