Ultra-low power consumption 2730 nm CW single-transversal mode laser diode for ECL sensing applications

MBE machine which is in the factory

MBE machine which is in the factory

September 25, 2012

25th September 2012, Vilnius, Lithuania. MBE specialist Brolis Semiconductors Ltd. introduces an ultra-low power consumption, room-temperature CW operating, single-transversal mode 2730 nm Fabry-Perot laser diode. Laser diodes are based on optical transitions in type-I GaInAsSb quantum wells realized on GaSb material platform. Electrically pumped devices feature single-transversal (TE00) mode output at CW power levels in excess of 7 mW per single facet at an input power of less than 0.5 W (500 mA and 0.9 V), providing great promise for development of low-power consuming compact laser-based gas sensors for application fields such as industrial process control, medicine, defense and research.

Cost-effective gas sensors. Brolis believes that their new products can pave way for development novel type of gas sensing systems, based on external cavity lasers, which would combine compactness, long battery lifetime, and sensitivity at much lower cost than presently available systems.

More to come. According to Kristijonas Vizbaras, company’s CTO, Brolis expects to add 4 new wavelengths by the end of first quarter next year: “We are looking forward to expanding our product portfolio, and are planning to deliver new products at different wavelengths. By the end of first quarter next year, we should be offering 2090 nm, 2330 nm, 3300 nm and 3400 nm. All CW at room-temperature, of course. We see a growing interest in gas sensing applications for the C-H molecules, and that’s exactly where our lasers can be applied.”

Altechna (Vilnius, Lithuania) has obtained rights to exclusively distribute production of Brolis Semiconductors Ltd. in Israeli market via local representative Rosh Electroptics based in Netanya, Israel.

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