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Line Scan

Line Scan Cameras ideal for High-Performance Quality Inspection

A line scan camera uses a single row of photosensors, instead of a matrix of them, to capture images of a constant stream of moving material, often called a web. The data stream is then processed within a machine vision system to create two-dimensional image data for industrial quality inspection purposes.

Mitutoyo Glass Thickness-Compensated Infinity Corrected Objectives Provide Ultra-long Working Distances

Available in 20X and 50X magnifications, Mitutoyo Glass Thickness-Compensated Infinity Corrected Objectives feature outstanding color reproducibility and a flat image surface over the entire field of view. Read >>

Archaeologists shine new light on Easter Island statue

A team of archaeologists from the University of Southampton have used the latest in digital imaging technology to record and analyse carvings on the Easter Island statue Hoa Hakananai’a. Read >>

Teledyne DALSA Releases New BOA Nexus Smart Bridge

New Smart Bridge expands sharing and monitoring capabilities for BOA smart cameras Read >>

Basler Reports Business Figures for 2012: Still on Course of Success

The group's sales increased in fiscal year 2012 by 1 % to € 55.9 million (previous year: € 55.1 million). Read >>


Flexibility in Cramped Medical, Machine Vision and Semiconductor Installations Read >>

AVT presents cameras for scientific imaging at Laser World of Photonics

Comprehensive product line with cooled, IR-sensitive, and high-resolution cameras for demanding applications Read >>

World’s First emICCD Camera Delivers Single Photon Sensitivity and Subnanosecond Time Resolution

The PI-MAX® 4 camera combines the advantages of intensifiers (i.e., ultrashort, subnanosecond exposure times) and the benefits of EMCCDs (i.e., linear gain and high quantum efficiency) to provide single-photon sensitivity and quantitative performance for scientific imaging and spectroscopy applications. Read >>

Point Grey Expands World’s Smallest GigE POE Camera Family with Two New Blackfly GigE CCD Models

The two new models feature global shutter CCD sensors with excellent quantum efficiency and dynamic range. The BFLY-PGE-05S2 model uses the ICX693 SuperHAD CCD II sensor from Sony, and supports 808 x 608 resolution at 50 fps. Read >>

A New Perspective on Things: Microscope Systems for Digital Inspection and Measurement

With the new digital microscope systems Leica DMS300 and Leica DMS1000, Leica Microsystems unites all advantages of digital technology with first-class camera performance and high-end optics. Read >>

New camera system creates high-resolution 3-D images from up to a kilometer away

A new camera system, developed by researchers in Scotland, could provides high-resolution, 3-D information about objects that are typically very difficult to image, from up to a kilometer away. The photon-counting depth imaging system is likely to be used for scanning static, man-made targets from afar, such as vehicles. With some modifications it could also determine their speed and direction, or be used for remote examination of the health and volume of vegetation and the movement of rock faces, to assess potential hazards from as far as 10 km away. Read >>

Teledyne DALSA Expands Genie TS Camera Line

The new Genie TS models are based on the CMOSIS imaging sensors CMV2000 and CMV4000. The perfect blend of form and function, the Genie TS is engineered to meet the ever increasing speed and image clarity requirements of machine vision. Read >>

PML Scientists Make Better SEM Imaging and Measurements in the Nano Era Possible

Since the inception of the scanning electron microscope (SEM), users have encountered the persistent problem of contamination. Cleanliness is required for imaging and to make good quality measurements, and PML has led the exploration and the development of methods to allow SEM users gather high-quality, repeatable, and quantitative measurement results. Read >>

Better than X-rays: A more powerful terahertz imaging system

Low-energy terahertz radiation could potentially enable doctors to see deep into tissues without the damaging effects of X-rays, or allow security guards to identify chemicals in a package without opening it. Now an electrical engineering research team at the University of Michigan has developed a laser-powered terahertz source and detector system that Read >>


New QExtra Technology Improves Quantum Efficiency and Reduces Etaloning Effects. Read >>

e2v launches colour versions of its market leading ELiiXA+ line scan cameras

The new colour 16k/8k and 8k/4k cameras are based on e2v’s multi-line CMOS technology. They provide users with a true colour mode, making them ideal for high resolution document scanning and the inspection of printing, flat panel displays, printed circuit boards, food, pharmaceutical and high quality raw material surfaces. Read >>

Photron FASTCAM SA-X2 - A high-performance camera system for the most demanding high-speed imaging applications

Building on the success of the bestselling Fastcam SA-X high speed camera, Photron announces the FASTCAM SA-X2 with megapixel resolution to 13,500 frames per second (fps) and over one million fps at reduced resolution. Read >>

European Patent Office Grants Patent for PAL-M Superresolution Technology Exclusively Licensed by Carl Zeiss

The basic idea of the invention is that only a low number of fluorescent dye molecules in a sample may be activated and excited to fluoresce at a time. This enables the Read >>

Powerful XploRA ONE Offers Full Spectral Analysis at an Affordable Price

XploRA ONE offers simplicity, exceptional sensitivity and reliability for budget-conscious QA/QC and analytical labs in the industrial and routine analytical sectors. Read >>

Home Game: AVT exhibits at Vision China 2013 in Shanghai

Allied Vision Technologies (AVT) will be exhibiting at the Vision China show from March 19-21 in Shanghai. It is the first participation of the camera manufacturer since it opened an office in Shanghai to serve the Chinese market in October 2012. On a brand new, modern booth, visitors will be able to discover the latest camera highlights of AVT. Read >>

IMAGING GAUGE TM Quality Analysis System

The SYSTEM includes Software and Test Targets to assess the quality of a camera system. Read >>

USB 3.0 industrial camera with 2 megapixel CMOS sensor from e2v

The perfect combination: High speed interface and state of the art CMOS sensors Read >>

VRmDAVC-2: Intelligent Frame Grabber for Efficient Image Processing

Built upon the established D2 platform, the VRmDAVC-2 is a programmable Linux based intelligent frame grabber platform. The D2 platform is characterized by a 300 MHz ARM9 processor, a 600 MHz DSP, 256 MB RAM, and 512 MB flash memory. Read >>

Point Grey’s New Grasshopper3 Camera Family Combines High-Sensitivity CCD and Easy-To-Use USB 3.0

The first Grasshopper3 camera model, the GS3-U3-28S4, has a maximum frame rate of 26 FPS and features the Sony 2.8 megapixel 1/1.8” ICX687 EXview HAD CCD II sensor. Compared to other CCD and CMOS devices, EXview is known for higher quantum efficiency, reduced smear, and increased near-IR response. Read >>

New Player in Electron Field Emitter Technology Makes for Better Imaging and Communications

Scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the University of Maryland, College Park, have built a practical, high-efficiency nanostructured electron source. Read >>

Teli 6,5MP CMOS Camera: New High Resolution & High Speed Camera from Toshiba Teli

Toshiba Teli’s new 6.5Megapixel CMOS camera offers high quality resolution and can achieve high frame rates up to 85fps. This camera is based on a high speed CMOS sensor developed by Teli and meets the performance requirements needed in various demanding applications such as flat-panel, label or semiconductor inspection. Read >>

Canon develops 35 mm full-frame CMOS sensor for video capture

The newly developed CMOS sensor features pixels measuring 19 microns square in size, which is more than 7.5-times the surface area of the pixels on the CMOS sensor incorporated in Canon’s top-of-the-line EOS-1D X and other digital SLR cameras. Read >>

Hamamatsu introduces the versatile ORCA-Flash4.0 V2 sCMOS and the new ImagEM X2 EM-CCD camera

Easily change from USB to Camera Link connectivity. Switch from a blazing fast scan to a virtually noiseless slow scan by a simple click in software. Read >>

Camera Inside Spiraling Football Provides Ball’s-Eye View of Field

Carnegie Mellon, Japanese Researchers Produce Wide-Angle Video With Single Camera Read >>

Imaging Algorithms on FPGA based Cameras

For developers of image processing systems FRAMOS opens up new opportunities for bringing costs down, speeding processes up and reducing system complexity. This is achieved by storing image pre-processing and image analysis on freely-programmable electronics components known as FPGAs. These FPGAs are Read >>

Basler 6k, 8k, and 12k racer Line Scan Cameras Enter Series Production

Digital camera specialist Basler is starting series production of their latest racer line scan camera models with resolutions of 6k, 8k, and 12k. They are available with either a Gigabit Ethernet or a Camera Link interface Read >>

Leica DM2700 M with Universal LED Illumination

New Materials Microscope for Routine Inspection and Quality Control. Read >>

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