Photon etc. Announces RIMA, the Fastest Global Hyperspectral Raman Imaging System

Photon etc. RIMA

Photon etc. RIMA

February 20, 2013

Montreal, QC – Photon etc. is proud to announce the release of RIMA, the only system that generates Raman megapixels images in minutes, ensuring sample integrity with low illumination power density. Rapidity and sample protection: a combination that is a paradigm change in Raman hyperspectral imaging.

Based on Photon etc.’s tunable filter, this product is the latest advance in global imaging and provides widefield Raman images faster than any other technology: a Raman image of structured Si/Ti wafer was obtain with 100,000 spectra in less than a minute. RIMA features filtering efficiency up to 80% (unpolarized), and provides both high spectral and spatial resolution for the most demanding applications.

RIMA is a unique system that gives access to high precision maps of molecular vibrations for different types of samples or probes. This unique imaging system can be continuously tuned over a 5000 cm-1 window with a spectral resolution as good as 4 cm-1, giving access to both Stokes and anti-Stokes transitions. Photon etc. offers complete systems with a wide range of high-end cameras, microscopes and lasers. PHySpec, Photon etc’s proprietary control and analysis software, allows the smoothest guidance in acquisition for the complete instrument. In line with Photon etc’s committment to innovation and research, various customization possibilities are available such as multiple excitation wavelengths and tuning windows.

“We are thrilled to launch this product on the market - says Marc Verhaegen, CTO. It is the highest efficiency Raman imaging system currently available, it is easy to use and accessible to any kind of end user. With this instrument, weak Raman diffusion is mapped in a fraction of the time usually required. RIMA will definitely redefine the standards in Raman spectroscopy imaging”.

About Photon etc.
Photon etc offers state-of-the-art photonic and optical research instrumentation. Its patented spectral imaging and optical sensing technologies provide solutions for a wide variety of scientific and industrial applications. Photon etc. aims to provide each researcher, engineer and technician with access to the latest innovations in optical and photonic instrumentation. From material analysis to medical imaging, Photon etc’s expertise and spirit of innovation allow the exploration of uncharted territories.

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