XIMEA’s xiCOP Raises Speed Limits on USB3.0 Machine Vision

xiCOP software guides integrators through USB3.0 machine vision system design and simplifies firmware and software upgrades.

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June 27, 2012

MUNSTER, GERMANY, June 27, 2012 – A free software program developed by XIMEA GmbH packages the power of a USB3.0 interactive knowledgebase in a portable software tool that can locate and remove data bottlenecks in machine vision systems.

xiCOP software, which is offered free with XIMEA’s new line of xiQ USB3.0 industrial cameras, makes it easier for automation professionals and integrators to design and optimize machine vision systems that use new SuperSpeed USB3.0 data connections.

The software automatically identifies USB3.0 cameras, hubs, and connectors, including data bottlenecks. Backed by XIMEA’s knowledge base of compatible hardware and software, xiCOP can also help designers by suggesting different hardware/software configurations that will improve overall system performance.

In addition to analysis and design suggestions, xiCOP also simplifies camera firmware updates, as well as API updates developed by XIMEA for more than 30 of the most common image processing libraries.

xiCOP is a product of XIMEA’s commitment to best-in-industry support for cutting-edge technologies like the USB3.0 SuperSpeed interface that give machine vision customers a competitive edge in today’s hypercompetitive global marketplace.

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