Xenics presents a common platform for GigE/CameraLink/CoaXPress on Vision 2012 in Stuttgart

Modular IR Camera Design for Easy Integration and Flexible Imaging Solutions Xenics Presents Common Platform for GigE/CameraLink/CoaXPress

Gobi 640 GigE

Xenics Gobi 640 GigE

October 22, 2012

Leuven, Belgium, 22 October 2012 --- Xenics, Europe's leading developer and manufacturer of advanced infrared detector solutions, is clearing the path to modularity and flexibility, enabling industrial users easy integration plus faster time to market. At Vision 2012, Xenics will unveil a compact common interface platform for its proven Gobi (LWIR), Bobcat (2D SWIR) and Lynx (line-scan SWIR) cameras. The interface supports GigE-Vision, CameraLink and CoaXPress for industrial applications. Xenics exhibits in Hall 1, booth 1D82.

At Vision 2012, Xenics is demonstrating its advanced in-house design and production capabilities. Based on a modular design, tuneable for optimum power dissipation and best performance, Xenics will introduce a GigE-Vision/CameraLink/ CoaXPress camera interface. Its electronics is common for all camera configurations, so virtually all kinds of sensors can be accommodated. The interface supports several of Xenics' pioneering product groups: Gobi (LWIR at a resolution of 640x480 or 384x280 pixels), Bobcat (SWIR, 640x512 or 320x256) and Lynx (line-scan SWIR, 1x512, 1x1024 and – a unique layout - 1x2048).

With these enhanced interface provisions, Xenics opens up applications in machine vision, such as inspecting, identifying and measuring parts, pick-and-place and assembly, high-speed sorting, failure analysis, hot-spot detection, traffic control and medical applications. A decisive advantage of Xenics' pioneering IR camera designs is that they cover the full wavelength realm from SWIR to LWIR - including thermography.

The Xenics Bobcat-640, a compact TE1-cooled SWIR camera with on-board, userconfigurable image processing, is geared to cost-sensitive, high-volume markets.

The compact form factor of 55x55x85 mm³ (GigE Vision model) or 55x55x67 mm³ (CameraLink model) makes it the smallest available SWIR solution, enabling easy integration while offering low noise and low dark current. Bobcat-640 targets industrial segments such as solar and process control, as well as scientific R&D user audiences, remote sensing and space.

Xenics' uncooled Lynx is the smallest available high speed SWIR line-scan camera to offer GigE Vision and CameraLink interfaces for easy system integration. The camera features the highest line resolution up to 2048 pixels and offers various programmable configurations ranging from a high sensitivity mode to a high dynamic range mode. The camera is fully optimized for integration in advanced solutions in industrial image processing, medical electronics, hyperspectral imaging and spectroscopy.


The Xenics Cougar offers extreme SWIR imaging capabilities for demanding lowlight-level applications through its 77K liquid-nitrogen (LN-2) cooled XFPA-1.7-640- LN2 GaAs detector featuring a high resolution of 640x 512 pixels. Cougar enables failure analysis through photon-emission and electroluminescence methods and spectroscopy. Long integration time up to >24 hours is supported.

Bobcat-640 and Lynx are currently available with GigE-Vision- and CameraLink interfaces; CoaXPress versions will come out later in 2013. Cougar is already on the market.


Also on display: Xenics' Bobcat-Gated, which offers extremely short – 80 nsec – integration times. Gobi-384/Gobi-640-GigE/-CL-/-CoaX is a well received bolometer camera. Its GigE version is already certified according to MVTec HALCON, Stemmer Common Vision Cubes and Cognex VisionPro. Cheetah-640CL is the world's fastest InGaAs camera. Onca is a proven high-accuracy/high-detectivity camera solution. The XenicsCores provide a common interface at multiple wavelengths (XTM and XSW).

Xenics is a leading developer of innovative infrared detection solutions for a wide range of applications. Xenics designs, manufactures and sells infrared detectors and cameras, both line-scan and 2D, covering the infrared wavelength ranges from 0.4 to 14 micrometers. In addition, Xenics delivers custom products according to the agreed specification and planning.

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