Xenics‘ line-scan and 2D SWIR cameras for medical OCT enabling high resolution non-destructive depth analysis

Xenics OCT

Xenics OCT

October 04, 2012

Xenics‘ SWIR cameras for Optical Coherence Tomography (OTC) offer a multitude of applications such as detail-rich imaging from the deeper layers of living tissue – which is of special value and utility to ophthalmologists. Next in line is the measurement of the thickness and uniformity of functional layers in pharmaceutical products, which is of importance for the controlled dispensing of certain agents. Another promising application is the examination of blood vessels, or three-dimensional imaging of the kidneys.

Xenics OCT

An illumination beam in the SWIR spectrum around 1300 nm penetrates to a depth of several millimeters enabling spatial resolutions in the micrometer range. Depending on the type of tomograph line-scan or 2D detector arrays are used. For these complex tasks, advanced high-speed InGaAs cameras are universally suited, such as the Xenics Lynx-GigE or Lynx-CL SWIR line-scan cameras. They offer 512, 1024 or 2048 lines of resolution at a clock rate of 40kHz or 10 kHz respectively.

And they have the smallest pixel formats from 12.5 x 12.5 μm² to 25 x 250 μm² pixels.

With different sensor types to choose from, ROICs with various parameter settings Xenics‘ InGaAs cameras are scalable OCT platforms. Most important, they include sensors that deliver a resolution of or below one micrometer, at a penetration depth of more than the current standard of 6 mm.

Xenics OCT

Xenics is the leading developer of innovative infrared detection solutions for a wide range of applications. Xenics designs, manufactures and sells infrared detectors and cameras, both line-scan and 2-D, covering the infrared wavelength ranges from 0.4 to 14 micrometers. In addition, Xenics delivers custom products according to the agreed specification and planning. As a European vendor with a worldwide service and distributor network, Xenics is strategically placed to serve global markets with highly innovative products drawing on a strong science and technology background.

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