Matrox Iris GT smart camera with Design Assistant 3.0 software streamlines application flowchart and HMI design

Advance replacement and extended warranty options now available for Iris GT

Matrox Design Assistant software

Matrox Design Assistant software development environment showing inspection of a croissant

October 28, 2012

October 28, 2012, PACK EXPO 2012, Chicago, IL — Matrox Imaging today announced Matrox Design Assistant 3.0, the latest release of its flowchart-based integrated development environment (IDE) for the Matrox Iris GT smart camera line.

The Iris GT smart camera and Design Assistant software bundle has always offered full-featured hardware, an intuitive flowchart-based development environment, and field-proven vision tools. With Design Assistant 3.0, it’s become even faster and easier for users to design their application’s flowchart and HMI. Plus, Matrox Imaging now offers optional advance replacement and extended warranties for these smart cameras.

Matrox Design Assistant software
Matrox Design Assistant Operator View generated from croissant inspection

Design Assistant 3.0 Highlights
Design Assistant 3.0 smart camera software simplifies and accelerates HMI design with more ready-made operator view layouts. The new analysis status step consolidates decision making and simplifies flowchart design, while filmstrip views ensure that previously analyzed images are close at hand. Release 3.0 also permits monitoring and controlling multiple smart cameras via a multi-camera HMI application and provides support for PROFINET communication, which allows for direct interfacing to Siemens automation devices. This latest version of Design Assistant includes other enhancements that improve productivity and the appearance of the operator interface.

An early access version of Matrox Design Assistant 3.0 has been available since Q3 2012. Its release is scheduled for Q4 2012.

The Matrox Iris GT smart camera with Matrox Design Assistant is intended for system integrators, machine builders, and OEMs who need to quickly configure and deploy machine vision applications. Matrox Design Assistant is an intuitive, versatile, and extendable integrated development environment (IDE) where applications are created by constructing a flowchart. Video capture, analysis, location, measurement, reading, verification, communication, and I/O operations, as well as a web-based operator interface are all set up within the single IDE.

Matrox Design Assistant software
Designing with a vision-specific IDE (connecting and configuring tools)

Established in 1976, Matrox Imaging is a leading developer of component-level solutions for machine vision, image analysis, medical imaging, and video surveillance. Products include frame grabbers, vision processors, imaging computers, industrial and smart cameras, and application development software. Headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Matrox is a privately held company with offices in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, and Hong Kong.

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