Dedicated to Image Analysis for 50 years – Leica Microsystems Presents New LAS Modules for Metallographic Applications

Leica Dendrite Expert

Leica Dendrite Expert showing typical dendrite image being measured

November 5, 2012

Heerbrugg, Switzerland/Wetzlar, Germany. This year sees the 50th anniversary of image analysis, and Leica Microsystems is proud of its connections from the very beginning. To celebrate and extend the long association with digital image analysis, Leica Microsystems has released the latest version of the highly successful Leica Application Suite (LAS) digital imaging software. The new release LAS 4.2 builds on the already comprehensive Leica Application Suite and introduces new applications, and features designed to provide a simple workflow for what can sometimes be complex imaging needs.

New applications: Leica Dendrite Expert and Leica Decarburisation Expert
With the release of LAS 4.2, Leica Microsystems extends the range of metallographic applications with two new additions to its Expert range: Leica Decarburisation Expert and Leica Dendrite Expert.

Leica Dendrite Expert analyzes microscope images of dendrites in metals and alloys using a similar interface to other Expert materials applications. With both semi-automatic and manual method available, the dendrite arm spacing can be determined on a wide range of suitable specimens. The results assist in qualifying material to specifications determined between purchaser and manufacturer.

One of the corner stones of Leica Application Suite is comprehensive reporting. Leica Dendrite and Decarburisation Expert are no different with all results being easily output to Excel reports. Default templates are provided that can be customized to meet specific company requirements.

Leica Decarburisation Expert provides a comprehensive solution for the analysis of microscope images of decarburisation in steel. The depth of decarburisation is determined automatically on suitable samples by image analysis, or manually for other samples. The carbon loss at the surface of the specimen is compared to the amount present in the unaffected interior and the results output to an Excel report.

Leica Decarburisation Expert Leica Decarburisation Expert showing regions identified over image

Continuous improvement of the Leica Application Suite
In addition to the new applications, there are a host of enhancements, all designed to make it easy and straightforward to get great images and results. LAS MultiStep is enhanced with the new Guided Mode. LAS MultiStep uses a motorized stage to capture panoramic images, larger than the field of view. The new Guided Mode improves the image quality of the final image by matching features in adjacent images, and adjusting their position to ensure a perfect match. Combining the Live Measurement module with a motorized stage, it is now a simple process to accurately and reliably measure the distance between features that are separated by more than one field.

Leica Application Suite – the complete microscopy analysis solution
Leica Application Suite is a comprehensive collection of modules designed to provide a fully featured yet easy-to-use environment for all microscope imaging needs. LAS unites the microscope, digital camera, accessories and image processing to produce a fully integrated solution. LAS Core provides complete camera and microscope control as well as basic documentation facilities. With 24 modules and ten Expert applications available, LAS can be configured to meet individual needs now and can be extended as requirements change, and develop in the future. The wide range of modules include measurement, automated image analysis, extended depth of field, and field of view, movie and time lapse as well as a fully featured Macro facility. The Live Image Builder modules extend the microscope’s imaging capability without needing expensive automation.

For details of all LAS modules available please visit the Leica Microscope Software Homepage

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