Tauri 2 Product Launch at VISION 2012

Rugged and Extremely Small HD-SDI Camera with Full HD Multi Format

Kappa Tauri 2

Tauri 2, Rugged and Extremely Small HD-SDI Camera with Full HD Multi Format

September 21, 2012

(PresseBox) Gleichen, 21.09.2012. The Tauri 2 from Kappa optronics is one of the smallest and most robust HD-SDI cameras on the market. It comes with a 2/3" interline transfer CCD with progressive scan. You can switch the Tauri 2 camera to whatever format you need, 1080i/25, 1080i/30, 1080p/25 or 1080p/30. The high-resolution, uncompressed 1.5 Gbit real-time data is delivered to the control monitor via the HD-SDI output. The single-cable connection to the monitor, which can cover distances of up to 100 m, is qualified for drag chain use.

The unique rugged design by Kappa guarantees robustness and durability even under rough operating conditions, which Kappa proves in stress tests and simulations - and then some: This year again, the 24 hours of Le Mans, the world's most famous endurance race, presented the opportunity for a special kind of test when Tauri cameras was used to provide viewers with onboard footage from the cockpit of some of the racing cars. The Tauri proved its robust reliability in the rough environment of the race, being exposed to enormous shock and vibration loads and high temperatures.

With its breathtaking image quality, real-time data transfer, ruggedness and switchable Full HD format, the Tauri 2 is the perfect solution for a wide range of industrial applications in which precision is of the essence, e.g. in the area of automation, microscopy, endoscopy, handling, robotics, monitoring, and surveillance. And with its HD-SDI interface the Tauri 2 is also the perfect camera for stand-alone applications as it allows the use of Full HD flat screen monitors with Live View as control monitors in industrial applications.

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