FSI Technologies Inc. introduces CLH Series machine vision lenses.

CLH Series machine vision lenses

FSI Technologies CLH Series machine vision lenses

July 20, 2012

July 20, 2012, Lombard, IL. FSI Technologies Inc. introduces a line of industrial machine vision lenses, the CLH Series lenses. These lenses provide versatility to work well with most common machine vision applications, and are robust enough to be used in tough industrial environments.

“Lens selection can be confusing. Most guides describe about a dozen specifications that must be selected for the application” says Fred Turek, FSI’s COO. “Our goal with the CLH family is to use our expertise and experience to simplify that process. CLH lens specifications and features provide suitability for most machine vision applications, at an attractive price point.”

The FSI machine vision lenses come in a variety of focal lengths, from 8mm to 50mm, and are designed to work with high shutter speeds. The lenses also include a C-mount configuration, dual locking methods, and threaded mounts to accommodate filters. The lenses can be ordered separately through the FSI Express site, or as a part of a complete machine vision solution. For the complete listing of the new FSI “CLH” series lenses, visit: http://www.fsinet.com/Express/Express-Lenses-Home.htm

FSI Technologies is located in Lombard, Illinois and has been a trusted manufacturer of factory automation products since 1959. For more information about FSI, visit their website at www.fsinet.com.

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