Four new Canon network cameras support Full HD video transmission


Canon VB-H41

September 11, 2012

TOKYO, September 11, 2012—Canon Inc. and Canon Marketing Japan Inc. announced today the introduction in Japan of the company’s first lineup of network cameras supporting Full HD video transmission: the pan-tilt-zoom VB-H41 (silver model) and VB-H41B (black model), and the fixed vandal-resistant VB-H610VE, fixed dome VB-H610D and fixed “box”-style VB-H710F. The VB-H41 and VB-H41B newly feature DIGIC NET II for greatly improved transmission performance while the VB-H610VE, VB-H610D and VB-H710F each deliver a 112-degree horizontal angle of view and up to 12x zoom capability.

VB-H41, VB-H41B
The new Canon VB-H41 and VB-H41B flagship-model pan-tilt-zoom network cameras, positioned above the VB-M40 and VB-M40B (released in May 2011), respectively, support Full HD resolution, delivering high-quality video and exceptional video-transmission performance, made possible by the combination of Canon’s optical and video technologies, cultivated through the company’s development of cameras and lenses. With the growing diversification of network camera usage, such as security, management and broadcasting applications, the VB-H41 and VB-H41B support Full HD video in response to increasing calls in the market for higher image quality.

Compared with the first-generation DIGIC NET network video processor, Canon’s new DIGIC NET II delivers greatly enhanced video-transmission performance. The processor enables large-volume Full HD data to be transmitted at a high frame rate of up to 30 frames per second (fps), delivering smooth, high-quality output with no dropped frames. A multi-codec function allows for the simultaneous transmission of video in both JPEG and H.264 compression standards that, with JPEG supporting live view and H.264 enabling the recording of video, allow the network cameras to realize impressive video transmission that aligns with usage requirements.

Featuring a class-leading minimum subject illumination level, the Canon VB-H41 and VB-H41B are capable of capturing video in low-light environments down to 0.4 lux in color and, when set to Night mode, down to 0.02 lux in black and white. The network cameras support such applications as nighttime surveillance, enabling the viewing of high-image-quality color video with minimal noise even in moonlit conditions. Furthermore, Smart Shade Control selectively brightens dark areas to allow the accurate identification of subjects in such high-contrast settings as backlit environments.

In addition to the latest version of the industry’s standard transmission interface protocol, ONVIF 2.2, the network cameras conform with the newest version of Profile S, enabling greater system expandability through compatibility with other third-party ONVIF-compliant security products.

The Canon VB-H41 and VB-H41B incorporate such features as a zoom function, auto-focus function and a pan-tilt mechanism allowing the devices to be moved left, right, up and down, enabling users to make precise adjustments to camera angle even from a remote location. Incorporating six intelligent functions, the highest in the industry, the network cameras facilitate the creation of an automated surveillance system capable of detecting moving, abandoned, or removed objects in its range of vision, attempts at camera tampering, and changes in sound levels. The cameras also newly support “passing detection,” which aids in preventing intruders from entering no-entry or off-limit areas.

VB-H610VE Canon VB-H610VE

VB-H610VE, VB-H610D, VB-H710F
The fixed vandal-resistant dome-type VB-H610VE, fixed dome-type VB-H610D, and fixed box-style VB-H710F network cameras support high-quality Full HD video transmission and deliver a 112-degree horizontal angle of view. In addition to incorporating a 3x optical zoom lens, the devices offer 4x digital zoom for a total of up to 12x zoom magnification. Offering a class-leading minimum subject illumination level, the cameras are able to record color images in low-light conditions as low as 0.3 lux, while the Night Mode makes possible surveillance in environments as low as 0.015 lux.

VB-H610D VB-H610D

VB-H710F Canon VB-H710F

Featuring impressive durability, the vandal-resistant VB-H610VE is capable of withstanding a 50-joule impact from a 5 kg iron ball dropped from a distance of one meter, while its lens is protected with an impact dampening mechanism. The VB-H610D and VB-H710F include a PTRZ function that enables the remote adjustment of angle of view through pan, tilt, rotation and zoom operations from a remote PC.

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