HD-SDI Interface for the Sony FCB-SE600


FCB-SE600 fitted with Active Silicon’s HD-SDI interface board.

November 6, 2012

Active Silicon, a leading provider of camera interface technology, announces a HD-SDI interface module for the Sony FCB-SE600 – the compact low cost HD camera module with a built in 3x optical zoom.

The Active-HD-SDI-SE600 interface provides HD-SDI video and serial control, and unlike alternative solutions, the Active Silicon unit is compact, low cost and tailored specifically for the SE600, with matching contours and four point low profile mounting.

The High Definition Serial Digital Interface (HD-SDI) is widely used in broadcast, medical imaging and remote monitoring applications and offers high resolution, uncompressed digital video over conventional coaxial cabling. The module also includes a RS-232 interface, a built in test pattern and a DIP switches to control the video output mode from the camera.

This new module expands Active Silicon’s range of interface solutions for Sony blockcams, which as well as HD-SDI, also includes the new CoaXPress standard.

For a compatible PC acquisition interface, Active Silicon can offer the Phoenix HD-SDI range of frame grabbers resulting in an end to end solution for HD imaging applications.

These frame grabbers, also available in CoaXPress and various other formats, are supported under the leading operating system: Windows 32/64 bit, Linux, MacOS X, VxWorks and QNX. Similarly, as well as PC versions of the acquisition cards, there are also embedded system variants, such as PCI/104-Express and PMC, that are available for custom OEM systems.


All Active Silicon acquisition solutions are provided with an easy to use, comprehensive Software Development Kit which allows integrators to develop applications quickly and effectively. Customers also have direct access to Active Silicon’s technical staff for systems advice, consultancy and integration work to ensure a successful completion of end-user applications.

Active Silicon, founded in 1988, is a leading manufacturer of frame grabbers, embedded systems and camera interface modules. Frame grabbers provide the interface between high-end cameras and computers in vision systems, while embedded systems provide the industrial-grade computer environment on which vision systems also operate. As well as being a leader in the development and application of new technologies, Active Silicon is unique in being able to support a wide range of operating systems and a diverse range of hardware formats that go beyond standard ground fixed environments. In fact Active Silicon’s products have been used in applications from space missions to deep-sea vehicles. These products have applications in virtually all areas of science and industry, including manufacturing, life sciences, medical imaging, security and defense. All the products and technologies are developed in-house and owned by the company. For further details, visit www.activesilicon.com.

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