DVI or HDMI Output for Intelligent OEM Cameras

Linux-based, programmable cameras from VRmagic now available with miniature connectors

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VRmagic OEM Cameras

November 04, 2011

Mannheim. For its Linux-based intelligent cameras the German camera manufacturer VRmagic now offers a back end with Picoblade™ miniature connectors for Ethernet, USB 2.0 Host, RS232 and General Purpose I/O, Analog Video Output. Additionally, a PCB with DVI or HDMI output can be connected to the cameras. The external board is connected with the PCB stack via a flexible printed circuit cable (FPC). Synchronized image recording and display is possible via DVI or HDMI up to 60 Hz.

All intelligent cameras by VRmagic are equipped with the DaVinci processor from Texas Instruments, featuring a 300 MHz ARM9 processor running the Linux operating system, and a 600 MHz DSP with 4800 MIPs that is entirely available for image processing tasks. The cameras are equipped with 256 MB RAM and a 512 MB flash module. The supported interfaces include Ethernet, USB 2.0 Host, RS232 and General Purpose I/O, Analog Video Output as well as optionally digital Video-Output and Audio interface.

With a standard Debian Linux operating system, the intelligent camera provides developers with a convenient platform for programming their own applications and transferring them to the camera by means of cross-compilers. Host system and camera have the same API.

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