Panorama Camera 180-View with Fish-eye Lens Release Announcement

Tamron’s new Panorama Camera 180-View provides a new solution for various security applications

Press Release

Panorama Camera 180-View with Fish-eye Lens

August 25, 2011

Tamron Co., Ltd. (President and CEO Morio Ono, headquartered in Saitama City), a leading manufacturer of optical equipment, has released the Panorama Camera 180-View, a new type of security camera with a fish-eye lens that delivers a 180º horizontal angle of view that eliminates any blind spots.

Product Development Concept
Even when equipped with a wide-angle lens, conventional security cameras tend to produce blind spots, thus often requiring multiple cameras to ensure adequate coverage. Speed dome cameras are also problematic, as they cannot instantaneously capture the subjects being monitored. Tamron’s newly developed Panorama Camera 180-View is equipped with a special fish-eye lens that delivers a 180° horizontal angle of view, allowing a single camera to capture images free from blind spots. Proprietary image processing technology is utilized to correct distortions in the images taken, and the camera is also equipped with a large variety of other functions, including electronic PTZ, presetting function and motion detection, to ensure accurate images of the subject are captured. The camera does not include any mechanical sections as it uses an integrated structure incorporating all elements, from the lens to the camera and software. This in turn results in outstanding durability and reliability, and helps reduce the time and effort required for maintenance.

Smaller and lighter than conventional cameras and with a well-considered exterior design, this advanced camera can be used as an intelligent camera in a variety of installation environments.

Tamron’s new Panorama Camera 180-View provides a new solution for various security applications, delivering the high resolution and precise software controls you would expect from an optical equipment manufacturer.

Main Features
1. Fish-eye lens with 180° horizontal angle of view
Use of a fish-eye lens achieves a horizontal angle of view of 180°. Equipped with 1.3 megapixel CMOS sensor.

2. Proprietary image processing technology
Image processing technology developed by Tamron is used to correct in-camera any distortions found in the images taken with the fish-eye lens, to generate normalized flat-field images.
With just the touch of a button, the electronic pan, tilt and zoom is activated to instantaneously enlarge the area selected and check the subject. Equipped with a motion detection function, which detects and zooms in on moving subjects.

3. Superior reliability
The camera’s superior reliability is due to the mechanics-free construction of the pan, tilt and zoom system. This also ensures that no maintenance is required after installation, and dramatically improves durability compared with regular speed dome cameras.
The number of components has also been reduced, resulting in a lighter, more compact camera. It is also IP66 Waterproof Certified.

4. Stylish and compact design
A body color designed to suit any interior, and a slim, compact size measuring just 72 mm x 72 mm and 40 mm thick means it does not impose. A range of accessories are also available to suit the installation environment.

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