Sharp Develops and Will Introduce 1/3-type Progressive-Scan CCDs for Security Cameras

Industry’s Highest Sensitivity of 1,900 mV

Press Release


August 26, 2011

Sharp Corporation has developed and will introduce a pair of new 1/3-type progressive-scan CCDs for security cameras (520 kpixels and 610 kpixels) featuring the industry’s highest sensitivity of 1,900 mV and lowest smear ratio of -120 dB.

Security cameras are spreading around the world for applications such as disaster preparedness and crime prevention, and for recording evidence of criminal activity and accidents. There is a growing need for higher sensitivity and resolution for security cameras that are capable of shooting clearly both under bright sunlight during the day and in low light conditions at night.

These RJ3331AA0PB and RJ3341AA0PB CCDs achieve the industry’s highest sensitivity of 1,900 mV thanks to adopting Sharp’s pixel shrinking technology based on expertise accumulated in increasing the image resolution of compact digital cameras, and through an innovative design of a micro-lens structure that maximizes light collection efficiency for the sensor element. These new CCDs also feature the industry’s lowest smear ratio of -120dB, making it possible to reduce smearing when shooting video of strong light sources such as headlights at night.

They support progressive scan readout and offer a high horizontal resolution of over 650 TV lines for shooting high-quality video of fast-moving objects with minimal blurring.

Major Features
1. Industry’s highest sensitivity of 1,900 mV and lowest smear ratio of -120 dB.

2. Supports high-resolution video (horizontal resolution greater than 650 TV lines).

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