Next Basler “ace” GigE Cameras Start Series Production

New models with VGA and 2 MP resolution offer superior image quality at very attractive prices for traffic, medical, and factory automation applications

Press Release

ace GigE

3 August 2011

Ahrensburg, 3 August 2011 – Basler is starting full production of the newest ace GigE area scan cameras, the acA640-90 and the acA1600-20 mono and color models.

As with all other Basler ace cameras, they combine superior image quality, leading edge GigE interface technology, and a strictly cost-driven design in an ideal way. The cameras are very easy to integrate from both a hardware and a software perspective. They offer a very small 29 x 29 mm footprint and Power over Ethernet functionality, as well as high performance features and compliance with all relevant standards such as GigE Vision or GenICam.

These new cameras are a perfect fit for a variety of applications ranging from traffic systems and factory automation to medical applications.

Easy Analog Camera Replacement with the ace acA640-90

The ace acA640-90 mono and color models feature the Sony ICX424 sensor that delivers 90 frames per second at VGA resolution. This sensor is a 1/3" Sony CCD sensor with exceptional image quality. It is widely used in analog cameras and in some FireWire cameras, and it is universally employed in factory floor applications. The new acA640-90 cameras now allow all users of analog and FireWire cameras to switch to GigE as easily as possible.

Superior Image Quality with the ace acA1600-20
The acA1600-20 cameras feature the popular Sony ICX 274 CCD sensor. The cameras provide 20 frames per second at 2 megapixel resolution. Both the mono and color models exhibit excellent image quality as shown by measurements made according to the EMVA 1288 standard. Basler ace acA1600-20 cameras are currently the smallest GigE cameras with Power over Ethernet functionality using the ICX 274 sensor.

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