New Prosilica GX2750: 6 Megapixel power house

AVT leads the pack with launch of camera featuring new ICX694 device

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Prosilica GX2750

07 November 2011

Allied Vision Technologies (AVT) introduces the Prosilica GX2750, a 6 Megapixel camera equipped with the latest EXview HAD CCD sensor technology.Second generation EXview HAD technologyThe Prosilica GX2750 features the new 6 Megapixel Sony ICX694 full-size type 1 sensor. Utilizing the second generation EXview HAD technology from Sony, the ICX694 device provides excellent image quality, high sensitivity and near infrared response combined with low noise imaging and improved anti-blooming. The Prosilica GX2750 runs 19 frames per second at full 2750 x 2200 resolution. The camera is suitable for a wide range of demanding applications including machine vision, industrial application, medical, scientific, surveillance, ITS and more.

The Prosilica GX2750 has a Dual GigE Vision® interface and can be used in single or dual Gigabit port configurations, supporting a sustained data rate of up to 240 MBytes per second (120 Mbytes using a single port) to facilitate high resolution and fast frame rate transfer of uncompressed data. The GX2750’s GigE Vision® compliant interface offers many benefits including off-the-shelf Ethernet components for reduced integration costs and long cable lengths up to 100 meters on a single copper link or more using switches or fiber optics.

“The 6 Megapixel resolution offered by the GX2750 camera fills a resolution gap in the high end CCD camera market. Customers are no longer forced to compromise between 5 and 8 Megapixel cameras. Combined with excellent quantum efficiency using EXview HAD technology, the GX2750 offers increased resolution without sacrificing imaging performance.” says Paul Kozik, product manager at Allied Vision Technologies.

About the Prosilica GX family
The Prosilica GX cameras are fast, compact machine vision cameras with a Dual GigE Vision® (Gigabit Ethernet) interface. Models, ranging from 1 to 29 Megapixel resolution with frame rates up to 112 fps output at 1 Megapixel are available. The Prosilica GX family also includes a selection of high-end EXview HAD CCD and HD resolution sensors. All models feature a thermal management housing for optimum heat dissipation. Smart in-camera features such as auto-exposure, auto-gain, auto white balance and flexible binning provide added functionality.

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