Cooler Heads Prevail: AVT Bigeye Cameras with Active Cooling

Allied Vision Technologies presents a new camera family with integrated Peltier cooling for especially demanding imaging applications.

Press Release
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AVT Bigeye Camera

08 November 2011

As part of the integration of former VDS Vosskühler camera models into its product palette, Allied Vision Technologies presents the new Bigeye family. These first-class digital cameras distinguish themselves with very low-noise images thanks to active cooling, and are especially suited for demanding scientific applications requiring long exposure times.

Active cooling for outstanding image quality
CCD sensor warming during camera operation leads to increased background noise, which in turn has a deleterious effect on image quality. This phenomenon is especially critical for applications requiring extremely high image quality. Long exposure times, such as those common in astronomy, produce more noise in the image than do short exposure times.

With the Bigeye camera series, Allied Vision Technologies presents an entire palette of first-class, actively cooled CCD cameras. The Peltier-cooled Bigeye models are cooled down to a temperature of -20°C (-4 °F) on the CCD sensor. The result is minimal black-level noise and an outstanding signal-to-noise ratio, even with very long exposure times.

Super-sensitive sensors up to 11 megapixels
These new camera models are equipped with high-quality Sony and Kodak CCD sensors, offering resolution from 1.4 to 11 megapixels. All models are available in color or monochrome. With their Gigabit Ethernet interface, they deliver up to 12.5 images per second at full resolution (Bigeye P-132). Thanks to Peltier cooling, extremely long exposure times of up to 30 minutes can be used (Bigeye P-629).

With the Bigeye family, Allied Vision Technologies has expanded its offering of extremely high-value cameras for demanding scientific imaging applications. Bigeye cameras are now available.

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