Mobileye Collision Avoidance Now Connects with iPhones

Mobileye 560

Mobileye 560

January 6, 2013

Las Vegas, January 2013 – Mobileye, the world leader in Collision Avoidance Systems, launches a new improvement: the ability to link its connected car system with the iPhone and iPad. This is accomplished with a dedicated iPhone application that enhances the connected car capabilities previously available only to Android users.

The Bluetooth linked smartphone application allows the user to receive all driving indications or warnings directly to their smartphone and also incorporates a report analysis component as well as the ability to change the sensitivity settings on Mobileye 5 visual camera functions.

Driver assistance and safety functions on the Mobileye system include:
Mobileye Headway Monitoring and Warning: Helps the driver keep a safe following distance from the vehicle ahead and alerts the driver when following too closely

Mobileye Forward Collision Warning Alerts the driver of an imminent collision with a vehicle or motorcycle—up to 2.7 seconds before a collision—providing enough time for the driver to react by changing course or applying the brakes

Mobileye Pedestrian Collision Warning Notifies the driver of an impending collision with a pedestrian or bicyclist

Mobileye Lane Departure Warning Warns the driver when there is an unintentional deviation from the driving lanes

Mobileye Intelligent High-Beam Control: Automatically raises and lowers the high-beams without inconveniencing oncoming or preceding traffic

Mobileye Speed Limit Indication: Detects, “reads” and classifies various speed signs and alerts your smartphone when you exceed the speed by a predetermined limit

Mobileye’s technology has already been installed in more than one million vehicles around the world. More and more manufacturers, including Ford, GM, Volvo, BMW, Hyundai and Nissan are integrating the Mobileye system into their vehicles. New features are constantly being developed to enhance and make safer the driving experience. Future generation devices will include camera-only automatic electronic braking, as well as various features enabled by self-driving technologies.

"The launch of our iPhone app, together with our existing Android app, takes our technology to a new level of flexibility and comfort. Our connected collision avoidance system helps the drivers relax and arrive safely to their destination,” said Isaac Litman, Mobileye Products CEO.

About Mobileye
Mobileye is the technology leader in Collision Avoidance Systems, advancing driver safety through collision prevention and mitigation. Our comprehensive solutions have been integrated into the vehicles of manufacturers including Ford, GM, Volvo, BMW, Hyundai and Nissan amongst others. Mobileye is headquartered in The Netherlands with offices in the United States, Israel, Cyprus and Japan, and research and development operations in the United States and Israel. For more information, please visit:

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