ARCHOS Unveils Affordable Unlocked Android 3G+ Smartphone Line

ARCHOS leverages years of Android tablet expertise to launch a smartphone range starting at £69.99

ARCHOS 3G+ Smartphone Line

ARCHOS 35 Carbon (left), ARCHOS 50 Platinum (middle) and ARCHOS 53 Platinum (right)

March 14, 2013

New Platinum range will allow end-users to experience full access to the Android ecosystem, IPS screens, Quad-core CPUs and 8 Megapixel cameras in a sleek design

London, UK – April 18th, 2013 - ARCHOS, a pioneer in AndroidTM devices, is pleased to announce its first line of GoogleTM certified smartphones. Each smartphone will feature a super slim design, IPS screen with amazing viewing angles, a powerful Qualcomm CPU and the flexibility of dual SIM cards which allow the user to manage two accounts or two providers simultaneously.

The ARCHOS 35 Carbon (£69.99), ARCHOS 50 Platinum (£179.99) and ARCHOS 53 Platinum (£199.99) will be the first in a new line of smartphones to be released and will be available from the end of May 2013.

“The smartphone market is shifting, as SIM-free sales versus subsidised sales are increasing. ARCHOS is prepared to respond to this change, as we can offer retail channels affordable, unlocked and feature-rich smartphones without the heavy price tag,” says Loïc Poirier, CEO of ARCHOS. “Furthermore, smartphones and tablets are interrelated markets that have quickly crossed over with the arrival of “phablets” - half-phone, half-tablet devices. It makes sense that this should be our next phase of products as it’s a natural fit for our brand and long term growth plans.”

Ranging from 3.5” to 5.3” in size, the first three smartphones to be released in Q2 will include a range of features, connectivity, CPU’s and storage. The flagship device, the ARCHOS 50 Platinum, features a stunning 5.0 inch full black IPS display paired with a quad-core CPU at 1.2GHz and an 8MP camera. End-user will have an experience similar to a Samsung Galaxy S3 for half the price.

In addition, all smartphones in this new line will include:
• Pure unskinned Android OS
• Google Certification for access to Google PlayTM and Google Mobile Services including Google NowTM
• Dual SIM flexibility to manage two providers simultaneously from one phone
• An IPS Screen with amazing viewing angles
• Full Black Screen Process
• ARCHOS Media Centre Apps for music and videos
• Cloud-Based Contacts and Storage
• Front and Back Cameras for capturing the perfect picture

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