New MirrorCase for iPad Gives Freedom for iPad Photos and Video

New iPad case takes photos and video from horizontal position for easier use, while providing protective case and adjustable viewing angles

MirrorCase for iPad

MirrorCase for iPad

December 23, 2012

NEW YORK, NY – RHP Multimedia Corp (RHPMM), creator of the popular MirrorCase line of iPhone cases and apps, today announces a new MirrorCase for the iPad. Using the same innovation to capture images and video on your device from a more natural angle, the iPad MirrorCase and MirrorCase app introduce new features as well, including an adjustable angled mirror, acoustic port, front protective cover, rear kickstand and a stylus storage compartment.

MirrorCase for iPad

The unique MirrorCase design utilizes a high quality mirror to reflect back any image that is in front of the device while holding it in a more natural, horizontal position. Composed of a sturdy plastic with rubber inserts for shock absorption, the case is coated with a soft touch finish for comfortable grip and control. MirrorCase should be used with the free MirrorCase app, which lets you record and shoot as you normally would, automatically flipping and inverting the image so it appears correctly on your screen. Media is then saved directly to the iPad Camera Roll.

“We originally created the MirrorCase to help eliminate what we coined as ‘Phone Face’. Having your iPhone cover your face when taking videos and pictures ruins the moment,” said John Palmeri, President and CEO of RHPMM. “It’s even more awkward to take photos and video with an iPad, so we knew having a MirrorCase for the larger device was imperative.”

MirrorCase for iPad

The iPad MirrorCase, with new features like an adjustable angled mirror, acoustic port and rear kickstand, make it perfect for recording meetings, lectures or interviews, as well as simply protecting your device and using your iPad at a more comfortable angle for reading and typing. Features of the case include:

Protective Case – MirrorCase is created using a plastic injection mold process to provide a sturdy shell with a comfortable soft touch finish to protect the iPad. The sturdy cover serves to protect the iPad screen when closed, and folds underneath while the device is being used.

Adjustable Angled Mirror - The adjustable thumb wheel lets you position the mirror to get the best angle, (ex: steep lecture hall or front row at a dance recital). Combined with the kickstand, users can adjust to virtually any angle.

Rear Kickstand - Horizontal slots on the exterior of the cover support the kickstand allowing you to select different positions for various screen angles. The MirrorCase folds up quickly and can be stored in your carrying bag or comfortably held for when you’re on-the-go.

Acoustic Port - This feature redirects sound from the speaker, located on the back of the iPad, towards the user to improve sound quality.

Stylus Storage - Below the Acoustic Port is a storage compartment where you can stow away your stylus, pen or pencil.

MirrorCase for iPad

Privacy Screen – Through the MirrorCase app, the Privacy Screen allows you to use any still image in your existing Camera Roll, or a standard black image that is supplied with the App, to overlay the application while it is in use. Designed to prevent the distraction of the preview images on your screen, this is useful while recording part of a lecture in class, or taking candid pictures of your camera-shy kids.

MirrorCase for iPad is available now for pre-order, shipping in early 2013, with an MSRP of $79.95. To learn more, pre-order, or learn about other MirrorCase products, visit

MirrorCase for iPad

RHP Multimedia, Corp. (RHPMM) offers creative innovations to enhance the devices that have enhanced us. By creating functional and sensible designs, RHPMM accessories dare you to break out of the typical mold and experience the possibilities from any angle.

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