Optical Networks & Fibers


JDSU Introduces a Fiber Optic Test First: I-PMD

Innovation Enables Network Operators to Conduct Critical Tests Without Disrupting Customer Service

NeoPhotonics Completes Acquisition of the Semiconductor Optical Business Unit of LAPIS Semiconductor

OCU was previously the component division of OKI Electric for high speed lasers and high speed III-V amplifiers before it was acquired by ROHM Semiconductor in 2008. As of the closing, the OCU business was merged into and now operates as NeoPhotonics Semiconductor GK, a Japanese subsidiary of NeoPhotonics. Read >>

The Flagship Event in European Optical Communication Comes to London

The 39th ECOC conference will be held at an important time for the industry as it faces the challenge of establishing next generation networks that are larger, faster and more agile, as the demand for broadband continues to increase. Read >>

A day with no internet and no phones? It could be nearer than you know

Within a telecoms world dominated by new devices and apps, a simple fact that seems to be passing everyone by, is that today’s networks are reaching a capacity crunch as current technology reaches the limits of its capability. Science is struggling to keep ahead of demand so badly that current technology is set to reach its capacity limits within the next 20 years – meaning that if nothing is done, the networks will crash and the telephones won’t even work, never mind the internet. Read >>

New 25 Watt High Brightness Laser Module

SemiNex Corporation is pleased to announce the latest development in high-brightness fiber coupled modules. Read >>

UTEL Completes Full Retrofit to PAU City FTTH Network

Network retrofitted to help connect more than 55,000 customers at 140 FTTH sites Read >>

Splicing Innovations Driving Optics Industry Beyond Telecommunications says Fujikura Europe Ahead of SPIE Optics + Optoelectronics 2013

Fujikura demonstrates high-performance FSM-100P+ optical fusion splicer and glass processor at Europe’s leading exhibition for optical instruments in Prague Read >>

Polatis Reports Strong Demand for High Performance Photonic Cross-Connects

The company has tripled capacity at its European manufacturing plants in response to customer demand in the carrier, data center and government systems markets. Read >>

Fujikura Europe Launches New Gold Standard Single Fusion Splicer, the 70S

Leading fusion splicer developer upgrades world’s best-selling model to make the most durable and user friendly tool on the market Read >>

New Flex-Grid System Prevents Optical Network ‘Traffic Jams’

OFC/NFOEC 2013 to feature talk on OpenFlow/PCE hybrid system that dynamically controls and manages optical network connections Read >>

NeoPhotonics Announces New Variable Power Intradyne Coherent Receiver (VICR) for High-Capacity 100G Optical Networks

New VICR is Designed to Improve Signal-to-Noise Ratio and Increase Coincident Channel Count in “Colorless” 100G Coherent Systems Read >>

Oclaro Achieves Key Milestone in Indium Phosphide Tunable Transmitter Development for 100G Coherent CFP2

Unique Combination of Narrow Linewidth Tunable Laser, High Speed InP Modulator, and Micro Coherent Receiver Enables a New Generation of Pluggable Modules for Metro and Long-Haul Markets Read >>

OFC/NFOEC Features New Research in Low-Power Supercomputing, Long-Distance 400G Data Transmission, Simplified Multicore Fiber Manufacturing

The conference features a comprehensive technical program with more than 800 talks covering the latest research related to all aspects of optical communications. Read >>

Southern Photonics Announces Rebrand as Coherent Solutions Ahead of OFC/NFOEC

The rebrand has been prompted by the companies’ evolution over the last two years to focus their product portfolio on coherent solutions for the photonics test and measurement instrumentation market. Read >>

Nufern's Two New Fiber Product Lines utilize the latest in glass compositions and the tightest mechanical dimension specifications in the industry

The latest additions to the NuMATCHTM precision fiber family include the Yb-doped LMA 15/130 and Yb-doped 30/250 LMA fibers and their precision matched passive fibers. Read >>


The SlimBox™ Drop System provides a versatile solution from a single platform for making the FTTH connection to SFU (Single Family Unit) or MDU (Multifamily Dwelling Unit) subscribers. Read >>

Newport’s New Low-Cost Fiber Optic Detectors

Both photodiode and integrating sphere designs available for very simple configuration changes. Read >>

Fiberizer Cloud – fiber optic testing data management solution in the cloud.

Fiberizer Cloud allows to store and analyze fiber optic testing data directly from the browser opened on desktop PC or notebook (iOS and Android mobile clients are coming soon too) connected to the internet wherever they are. Read >>

Fujikura Europe Launches World’s Smallest and Lightest Single Fibre Splicer

New Generation product ushers in new era for FTTH splicing Read >>

Fujitsu Laboratories Develops Integrated Silicon Optical Transmitter to Carry Large Volumes of Data between CPUs

Demonstrates high-speed operation by integrating light source and optical modulator on the same silicon chip using structure that obviates need for thermal control mechanism Read >>

VI Systems multimode photoreceiver operates up to 50 Gibt/s at 850nm

Recently researchers at Chalmers University of Technology (CTU) in Gothenburg, Sweden demonstrated 47Gb/s error free data transmission at 25ºC over multimode fiber using high-speed 850 nm VCSEL from CTU and R40-850 module from VI-Systems GmbH. Read >>

Agilent Technologies Extends Its Solutions for Complex Modulation Tests to 63 GHz

Highest Performance Real-time Optical Modulation Analyzer Accelerates Development of Next-Generation High-Speed Networks Read >>

New Measurement Services for Optical Fiber Analysis

With the IFA-100 Multiwavelength Refractive Index Profiler AMS Technologies can offer measurement services for product development, incoming inspection and forensic analysis on optical fibers Read >>

New Dynamic Dual-Core Optical Fiber Enhances Data Routes on Information Superhighway

Light ‘jumping the tracks’ enables enhanced data processing, better sensing Read >>

JDSU Expands Its Unique FiberComplete™ Solution for Faster Qualification of Long-Haul Fiber Networks

FiberComplete EVO automation optimizes workflow and drives field efficiency to reduce fiber testing time by 70 percent Read >>

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave Expands its Lynx2 CustomFit® Field Installable Connector Line with the Industry’s First Jacketed MPO Splice-On Connector

The company’s decision to design and launch the Lynx2-MPO™ Ribbon Jacket splice-on connector addresses the growing network migration from 10Gbit/s to 40 and 100 Gbit/s and the subsequent accelerated use of optical fiber ribbon cables that meet the larger fiber counts, real-time scalability, speed of installation, and cost efficiencies required for the migration. Read >>

Molex QSFP+ Active Optical Cable Achieves Aggregated Data Rates Up To 56 Gbps Over 4KM

Industry-leading Fourteen Data Rate integrated active optical cable uses fraction of the power; Ideal for high-performance computing storage applications Read >>

UT Arlington physicists create new fiber-optic wrench

UT Arlington physicists have developed a new fiber-optic spanner, or wrench, that uses two laser beams to stably rotate and move microscopic objects, such as living cells, an innovation that will help scientists to work more efficiently at the microscopic level. Read >>

Yokogawa Announces New Optical Wavelength Meter

The new AQ6150 Series Optical Wavelength Meter offers fast, accurate, yet cost effective optical wavelength measurements targeted to meet the present and future demands fueled by the intensity of network traffic growth on a global scale. Read >>

NeoPhotonics Introduces Multicast Switch for Next Generation ROADM Applications in High-Capacity "100G" Networks

Multicast Switch Designed to Enable Advanced "Wavelength Flexibility" for "CDC" ROADMs in 100G Coherent Systems Read >>

RAD Introduces Two New Pseudowire Gateways

Ideal for Co-Location of 2G and 3G Mobile Backhaul and Carrier Migration of Legacy Services to PSNs Read >>

AFL Announces the First Commercially Available Laser Splicer and Glass Processor

The LZM-100 utilizes proprietary (patent-pending) closed-loop power stabilization techniques, resulting in power stability within 0.5 percent, enabling highly repeatable processes and very smooth taper profiles. Read >>


This product family includes the successful flagship EDF MP980 that is a desired choice for erbium doped fiber amplifier (EDFA) product designs worldwide, while other products within the portfolio are geared towards amplifiers operating in the C-Band and L-Band. Read >>

AFL Introduces New NOYES® Contractor Series OTDRs

AFL is introducing a new family of Contractor Series handheld OTDRs enabling cost-effective troubleshooting of FTTx PONs and point-to-point metro/access networks. The new CS260 OTDR family offers two models Read >>

Chiral Photonics’ Pitch Reducing Optical Fiber Array (PROFA) enables ultra-dense 2D fiber array interface

PROFA is a multichannel, two-dimensional dense fiber array best suited for interfacing to, for example, VCSELs, receivers or vertically coupled gratings. Read >>

OFS and FURUKAWA announce High-Output, Narrow-Linewidth, Full-Band tunable Lasers and ITLAS

Optical digital coherent transmission has already been adopted by some telecommunication operators. It is likely that it will be fully adopted starting in 2012, not only in 100 Gb/s applications but also in 40 Gb/s applications. Read >>

One Step Splice and Fibre Polish: AMS Technologies Presents Compact, Semi-Automated Optical Fiber Splicer CAS-4000 Series

Compact, Semi-Automated Splicers for Standard and Specialty Fibers from 80 µm in Diameter – Designed by VYTRAN for use where space is at a premium Read >>

Polatis 192x192 Low Loss Optical Switch to be Launched at OFC/NFOEC 2012

New Series 6000 delivers the highest performance all-optical matrix switch in a compact form factor Read >>

JDSU Introduces New Solution that can Improve Test Efficiencies in Optical Connector Production Environments by More Than 300 Percent

The mORL multimode insertion loss test module for the JDSU MAP-200 dramatically increases productivity in a smaller footprint Read >>

MTS-2000 Mini OTDR with Quad-Modul

The MTS-2000 is a handheld modular test set for the installation, turn-up and maintenance of optical fibers across Entreprise, Metro and FTTx/Access point-to-point or point-to-multipoint networks (PONs). Read >>

KVH Receives $7.6 Million Fiber Optic Gyro Order

Single-axis fiber optic gyros will be used in U.S. military remote weapon stations Read >>

Connector Optics has launched the production of epitaxial wafers for high-speed optical components in St.Petersburg

The technology for production of the epitaxial wafers was developed by a team of researchers who came from the Ioffe Physical Technical Institute in collaboration with German company VI Systems GmbH. This technology has no rival anywhere in the world. Read >>

High-Energy Physicists Set Record for Network Data Transfer

With a sustained data rate of 186 gigabits per second, high-energy physicists demonstrate the efficient use of long-range networks to support cutting-edge science Read >>

Release of High-End Fusion Splicers With Significantly Enhanced Splicing Function

These models incorporate substantially enhanced splice features achieved by software enhancement. Annual sales of 500 million yen are expected. Read >>

AFL Launches OFI-400HP for High Power Optical Networks

The OFI-400HP includes traffic and tone detection and low insertion loss that permits technicians to positively identify fibers without disrupting services. It also incorporates an optical power meter designed for use where power levels up to +33 dBm are present. Read >>

NeoPhotonics Doubles Capacity of Narrow Linewidth Tunable Lasers for Coherent DWDM Systems

Narrow Linewidth Tunable Lasers are Critical Components for High Speed 40 and 100 Gbps Coherent Systems Read >>

Inphi to Develop Solutions for Next-Generation CFP Optical Modules for 100GbE Systems

Inphi’s Low Power CMOS 100GbE PHYs Will Allow Substantial Savings in Power for Higher Density 100GbE Applications Read >>

Fujitsu Laboratories and Furukawa Electric Develop High-Speed Optical Interconnect Technology

50Tbps interconnect offers high-speed data transmission for next-generation servers Read >>

JDSU Introduces a New Multimode Insertion Loss Module for MAP-200

The mIL test module dramatically increases productivity and reduces the test footprint Read >>

Fujitsu Develops Optical Amplifier Technology for Next Generation Optical Access Systems

In 10 Gbps-class symmetric optical access systems, the newly developed amplifier technology quadruples the splitting number and doubles transmission distance Read >>

JDSU Accelerates Time to Market for LTE and Advanced 3G Networks with SART 7.1

The only industry solution that provides real-time capture and analysis at multiple gigabit data rates Read >>

Fujitsu Develops High-Performance Distortion-Compensation Circuit, Enabling Compact and Energy-Efficient Ultra-High-Capacity Fiber-Optic Transmission Systems

Circuit size and energy requirements both reduced by approximately 85%, marking a big step forward toward performance boosting of ultrafast transmissions at 100 Gbps and beyond. Read >>

JDSU Unveils New Optical Portfolio for Self Aware Networks of the Future

Suite of Five Optical Components to Roll Out in Mid-2012 That Dynamically Support Growing Volume of Network Traffic Read >>


High Density Cabinet Designed for FTTX Splitter Applications Read >>

JDSU Leads Development of Communications Test Breakthrough to Ensure Consumer Quality of Experience

JDSU developed the test methodology, known as RFC 6349 , in collaboration with two major global network operators. Read >>

RAD Unveils Unique SFP That Extends 100 Mbps Ethernet Up to 550 Meters (1,840 Feet) over 4-Pairs of Copper

Full Duplex Solution Saves on Laying Fiber and Is Ideal for In-Building and Campus Connectivity Read >>

Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) HCS® Cables

Cables for Harsh Environmental Conditions Read >>

JDSU Develops World’s First TunableSFP+ Transceiver for Enterprise and Metro Networks

JDSU created the new transceiver leveraging its Integrated Laser Mach Zehnder (ILMZ) chip that was developed in 2007 and used to create the world’s first tunable XFP transceiver for telecom networks in 2009. Read >>

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