Introducing the World Smallest Wide Dynamic Range Analog Camera

The 8Pico-Cam by M8 integrating the NSC0902 WDR sensor from NIT



March 18, 2013

NIT and M8 are proud to announce the release of the 8Pico-Cam, the world smallest Wide Dynamic Range Analog camera.

The 8Pico-Cam is a “ready-to-use” monochrome analog camera with outstanding dimensions of 20 mm x 20mm x 18 mm.

The 8Pico-Cam, designed by M8, integrates the NSC0902 WDR sensor from NIT.
It delivers a B&W PAL/NTSC (768 x 576) signal through a standard composite video output, supports a 5V-9V power supply and a M12 (S-Mount) Lens.

Thanks to the Native WDR technology and the on-chip Video Coder, the sensor is integrated on a single 18mm x18mm board and provides high quality WDR images in a single shot with minimal power consumption.

The camera is offered with Aluminum housing but can also be supplied to OEM integrators as a single electronic board.

The 8Pico-Cam has been specially designed for orbital or seam Welding control process, Industrial applications or multipurpose applications where the image quality and space cannot be sacrificed.

About M8
M8 is a Dutch company based in Haarlem, specialized in custom Camera solutions. The 8Pico Cam can be acquired through M8 and compatibility with other NIT sensors could be offered.

Download the 8Pico-Cam flyer

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