10 to 1000eV Spectrometer

McPherson Model 248/310 spectrometer

McPherson Model 248/310 spectrometer

January 31, 2013

Easily make spectral measurements around 13 nanometers and throughout the extreme vacuum ultraviolet and soft x-ray wavelength region with the McPherson Model 248/310 spectrometer. It is ideal for work from 10eV to more than 1000eV. The spectrometer features one meter focal length optics built into a compact Rowland circle instrument. Grazing incidence angles used in the instrument deliver high reflective efficiency. For direct detection of extreme vacuum ultraviolet and soft x-ray wavelengths, windowless back illuminated CCD’s are used. Sensitivity of CCD’s at short wavelengths can surpass that in the visible spectral region. The CCD’s aggressive thermoelectric cooling also reduces readout noise. When gated detection is required, open microchannel plate intensifiers are available.

Applications for the extreme vacuum ultraviolet and soft x-ray spectrometer include plasma physics, astrophysics, spectral test and calibration. Attosecond pulse, high harmonic lasers (HHG), and EUVL semiconductor source and process development too. For all these, the McPherson Model 248/310 spectrometer provides user-friendly and fast spectra from a wide range of extreme vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) and soft x-ray (SXR) wavelengths.

The Model 248/310 is a high vacuum instrument working at 10E-6 torr vacuum; ultra high vacuum 10E-10 torr versions are available. Wavelength calibration sources, thin film filters, and gated microchannel plate intensifiers are also available as accessories. If you have spectroscopy experiments or applications in the extreme vacuum ultraviolet or soft x-ray region, look no further than McPherson. We offer you short-wavelength, robust, proven instrument and system solutions.

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