LumaSense Introduces New Infrared Pyrometers for Precise Temperature Measurement and Analysis of Industrial Materials Including Metals, Ceramics and Graphite

Rapid 120μs response time enables accurate measurement of dynamic manufacturing processes

IS6 Advanced

IS6 Advanced

March 12, 2013

SANTA CLARA, Calif., March 12, 2013 – LumaSense Technologies introduced today its new IS 6 Advanced and IGA 6 Advanced digital infrared pyrometers. The two new additions to LumaSense’s product line of Impac pyrometers are capable of measuring wide temperature ranges. They also provide focusable optics, high accuracy and repeatability, best-in-class response time of just 120 microseconds and an operatorfriendly LED display.

The IS 6 Advanced and IGA 6 Advanced non-contact pyrometers can measure temperatures between 600°C and 3000°C and 250°C and 2500°C, respectively. This wide range extends the capabilities of LumaSense’s LS6 sensor portfolio for steel making processes such as induction heating and cooling, melting, casting, annealing, rolling, forging and sintering – as well as advanced manufacturing processes for ceramics, graphite and other carbon materials. The IS 6 Advanced and IGA 6 Advanced are equipped with stainless steel housings for harsh environments and a 4-digit LED display that indicates current temperature or currently set measuring distance.

“The combination of the wide temperature range, very fast response time, and reliable accuracy makes our new IS 6 Advanced and IGA 6 Advanced pyrometers highly adaptable for multiple processes,” said LumaSense CTO Brett Sargent. “As the price of infrared (IR) technology has come down and IR adoption has increased, these new pyrometers give our customers powerful new tools to improve product quality and optimize their processes.”

The new pyrometers extend LumaSense’s vision to equip global customers in Global Energy, Industrial Materials and Advanced Technologies with an industrial 6th Sense to detect, reduce and ultimately prevent an estimated $1 trillion lost every year due to process inefficiencies and unwarranted waste.

The IS 6 Advanced and IGA 6 Advanced pyrometers are available immediately and can be controlled using LumaSense’s groundbreaking Sensorgraphics™ process intelligence software to accurately detect, reduce and prevent out-of-band temperature fluctuations that can hamper the efficiency of, and contribute unwarranted waste to, resourceintensive manufacturing processes. Operators and users can be empowered with a nearly intuitive 6th Sense to identify potential issues before they impact process efficiency, reduce quality or impact yields.

About LumaSense Technologies™
LumaSense Technologies, Inc. is one of the world’s most trusted providers of innovative temperature and gas sensing devices. LumaSense’s resource-intensive customers in Global Energy, Industrial Materials and Advanced Technologies harness Industrial Big Data using the company’s proven systems, software and platforms to detect, reduce and prevent waste and inefficiency. LumaSense LS6™ sensor systems and LumaSpec software solutions awaken an industrial 6th Sense that empowers customers to achieve progressive and lasting performance gains. With offices in Asia, Europe and the Americas, LumaSense serves many of the world’s largest industrial companies. For more information about LumaSense Technologies, visit

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