Jenoptik presents hermetically solderable IR components at Sensor + Test.

Hermetically solderable IR components

Hermetically solderable IR components

March 27, 2013

At the 2013 Sensor + Test trade fair in Nuremberg, Jenoptik presents hermetically solderable infrared filters, windows and cover windows for gas sensor applications and gas analysis. Free geometries, even smaller than two millimeters, with individual optical coating can be achieved using this patented product technology.

Hermetically soldered infrared filters, windows and cover disks for infrared sources and detectors are used in closed systems for gas sensors and analysis. Compared to traditional filters adhered to the housing, these soldered components are firmly attached to it and guarantee a gas-tight sealing of the assembly. The new production technology allows you to design any type of geometry with high numbers of pieces at marketable prices.

Jenoptik develops and manufactures IR components for customized applications using the typical infrared materials, such as germanium, silicon and sapphire. Depending on the customers' demand and field of application, the external form, geometry and optical coating may be flexibly varied and combined. It is possible to use anti-reflection layers but also dual-band or multi-spectral coating as well as resistant hybrid diamond-like-carbon (DLC) layers. Recognized test standards, such as TS 1888 and MIL-C-48497, are satisfied. The edges of the components are metallized to prepare for soldering.

IR filters, windows and cover windows are suitable, for example, for non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) spectroscopy in the entire infrared spectral range. Typical fields of use include MEMS IR sources, infrared detectors, endoscopes and infrared assemblies in devices for the medical industry used for respiratory gas analysis, exhaust gas measurement in automotive industry, process monitoring in chemistry, environmental engineering and safety-related applications.

The services include product development to high-volume series production. The components are characterized by high-quality and resistant optical features, even under extreme conditions.

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