Ultra Compact VS7000 CCD-HS is Perfect for Industrial Low Light Applications



February 5, 2013

HORIBA Scientific, global leader in OEM Grating and Spectrometer systems, is announcing its new VS7000-CCD-HS (High Speed) Mini CCD Spectrometer. This fast Mini-CCD Spectrometer outperforms most front-illuminated and low cost back-illuminated CCDs, in stray light, dynamic range and speed performance, making it the perfect CCD for industrial low-light applications such as fluorescence, emission, absorbance, and reflectance.

HORIBA Scientific recognized the need for improved performance from CCDs that are available for OEM, designing the miniature OEM spectrometer as an ultra-compact fixed grating spectrograph with back-thinned CCD running at a 2MHz pixel rate.

The VS7000 offers coverage for three spectral ranges: UV-VIS (200–860 nm), VIS (380–750 nm), and UV-NIR (200–1050 nm). In addition, it offers a high full well of 200ke-, thus yielding excellent SNR ratio (500:1) and Dynamic range (6000:1).

Its sturdy single optic design with concave grating offers unsurpassed light purity. It has no moving parts or shutter, making it exceedingly reliable for OEM integration. In addition, it comes with LabViewTM acquisition software. LabView VIs and DLLs are available for OEM integration and customization.

"The VS7000 series of mini CCDs address the most popular UV to VIS spectral ranges," said Nicolas Vezard, Vice President of Gratings and OEM Spectrometers for HORIBA Scientific. "As a result, the VS7000-CCD-HS (High Speed) and V7000-CCD-HD (High Dynamic range) cover a broad range of OEM spectroscopy industrial applications.”

When needed, the CCD is easily replaced with a CMOS PDA detector with full wells ranging from 100Me- to 1Ge-, for applications such as liquid chromatography and spectrophotometry, which require an extremely high SNR.

HORIBA Scientific offers the VS7000 mini-fiber spectrometers for high volume OEM applications, ranging from hundreds of units to many thousands per year.
For more information, please go to our website www.horiba.com/VS7000HS

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