TriAngle® 3D

First Autocollimator measuring angles along three axes: PITCH, YAW AND ROLL ANGLES

Press Release

TriAngle® 3D

January, 2012

TriAngle® 3D autocollimators are used for high-end measuring, testing and adjustment processes where high reliability in angle determination are required, for example:

• Adjustment and verification of the straightness of linear stages including Roll Angle

• Run-out measurement of rotary tables

• Measurement of large-area surface flatness

• Alignment of optical components

• Alignment of machines and equipment

• Stability studies

The mechanically and thermally optimized design of the TriAngle® 3D is available with the objective with different focal lengths 150 mm – 300 mm and permits precise and reliable measurements. The optical system of the TriAngle® 3D autocollimators comprises the lens with minimum distortion and a high-resolution digital CCD camera with extremely low sensor noise.

The light source employs a stabilized high power LED illuminating the newly developed sensor system for enhanced angle resolution.

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