RemoteControl NANO 250

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RemoteControl NANO 250


San Francisco, January 2012 - The NanoControl user software supplied with the NANO 250 series laser modules enables perfect adjustment of the optimum working area using a computer. This facilitates both adaptation to individual requirements and long-term storage of working area data.

The RemoteControl unit offers users all of the functionality found in the familiar NanoControl software – and makes it accessible without the computer. This unit is simply connected to the laser controller using the micro-USB cable that comes with the laser system. Power is supplied to the unit over the USB cable. The Remote- Control has a 5-button pad for operating the laser modules, as well as a 3-line display.

The RemoteControl can be used to switch the laser on and off, as well as to adjust and display the laser output level. Furthermore, this remote control unit offers the unique option of influencing the wavelength by adjusting the laser diode temperature (shift of up to ± 5 nm). The temperature can also be viewed on the display.

• 5-button operating pad

• 3-line display

• Contrast and brightness can be adjusted separately

• Powered by the laser controller; no separate power supply for the remote control

• Simple connection to the laser system using micro-USB cable (included with the laser system)

• Display and adjustment of lasertemperature (if this function is supported by the laser system)

• Display and adjustment of laser output power

• On/off switch for laser operation

• Displays operating status of both key switch and interlock input

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