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January 24, 2012

San Francisco, January 2012 - At the Photonics West 2012 Qioptiq presents the “Motorized Color Detection Set”. This set is a functional setup with our new Qwave spectrometer and an x.act linear positioner to perform an automized color detection experiment. Different color probes are placed automatically in front of the Qwave spectrometer. The different color spectra are displayed on a computer monitor. The setup is illiuminated by a LED-Gooseneck light source.

Qioptiq aims to continually adapt its products to the demands of the market, and expand product lines as needed. That is why we are revising our entire line of lighting products. We are updating our cold light sources, LED illumination systems and the modular system of lamp housings for halogen, spectral and short-arc lamps. In this optolines issue we would like to introduce our latest cold light and LED light sources, with their new designs and state-of-the-art technology.

Spectrometer for all applications Compact USB spectrometer: Exceptional specifications
In a housing hardly bigger than a deck of cards, the new Qwave spectrometer achieves high resolution, sensitivity and stability, making it ideal as a universal spectrometer for a variety of applications. The spectrometer is controlled and its data downloaded using a PC, with operating software that is unique throughout the world for its user-friendliness and high performance.

With a focal length of 75 mm, the Qwave attains specifications normally seen only in much larger spectrometers. In the standard version, it offers a resolution of 0.5 nm and covers a wide spectral range from 350 nm to 950 nm. The range can be configured anywhere between 200 nm and 1100 nm to meet customer requirements. The narrower the spectral range, the higher the resolution.

Furthermore, the instrument is distinguished by high sensitivity, a signal-to-noise ratio of 2000:1 (at 1 second exposure time) and excellent thermal stability in a temperature range from - 15 to +60 °C.

Unique software
The spectrometer is controlled using the ”Waves” program, included in delivery, which not only uses advanced algorithms for measurement and evaluation, but also makes these functions easily accessible in its clearly laid out, intuitive user interface.

Many of the measurement and analysis features are available at a single mouseclick. With Qwave, the dark spectra for optimum sensitivity no longer have to be recorded anew every time the exposure time is changed. Instead, a number of automatically recorded dark

Software features
• Import spectra as ASCII files

• Export spectra as ASCII files for further evaluation with Origin, Excel or other programs

• Calculation of statistical values

• Print the diagrams and export them as PDFs

• Dynamic peak finder (no threshold setting necessary)

• Automatic wavelength calibration

• Colorimetry

• Software developers‘ kit for customizing the spectrometer control program

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