piezosystem jena introduces new L-series based on Voice Coil technology

Voice Coil and Controller

Voice Coil and Controller

July 12, 2012

L100 and L200 linear stages offer high accuracy, high speed, and high acceleration positioning.

The new L100 and L200 Voice Coil linear stages are the first piezosystem jena products based on Voice Coil high precision technology.

With a maximum speed of 200 mm/sec, these stages are perfectly suited for high acceleration applications, while the positioning resolution of 50 nm offers exact positioning over a long linear travel range of 20 mm. The stages are capable of generating a force of up to 18 N. The L100 and L200 stages are equipped with a non-contact optical encoder for improved precision and accuracy. Due to this unique technical specification, the new Voice Coil systems are particularly suitable for heavy load applications. The unique voice coil design of the L100 and L200 series offers motion free of friction, which makes the systems quite and free of service.

By combining high accuracy, high speed, and high acceleration, the L100 and L200 systems meet the requirements of a wide range of applications under the guarantee of long term reliability. Pick & Place Automation, Semiconductor, and Photonics are just a few examples of where the new Voice Coil systems provide a versatile and accurate solution for nanopositioning tasks.

The L100 and L200 series can be offered with the VCC7 controller unit. The VCC7 comes with a servo controller and an RS232 interface. The system is designed for easy integration into industrial setups.

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