Nano Positioner PX 100 CAP with 20% travel range extension and smaller dimensions!

PX 100 CAP

April 12, 2012

piezosystem jena is pleased to present, the piezo-electric nano positioning stage, and newly advanced design of the PX 100 CAP.

The PX 100 CAP is a part of piezosystem jena well known PX 100 series. Without compromising the excellent accuracy, the travel range has been extended up to 120µm of motion in open loop mode and 100µm of motion in closed loop mode.

For positioning control a high resolution capacitive feedback sensor is built in. The sensor is able to measure a deviation of the accuracy with sub-nm accuracy, and operates in a direct metrology fashion.

A second key benefit of the redesigned PX 100 CAP stage is the total height. This value is reduced by 9mm and the stage now has outside dimensions of 40x40x20mm only! Thus making the PX 100 CAP more than ever the appropriate tool for high precision positioning of small components e.g. mirrors, or other optical components. The outstanding accuracy also offers long term stability under changing conditions.

Please find there more details for the PX 100.

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