Hermetically insulated stack type actuators series P/S: Long life under extreme conditions

Series PS

Series PS

November 16, 2012

The piezo actuators of the P/S series are enclosed by hermetically sealed housing meeting the requirement of the IP 68 protection classification. Thus the piezoelectric element is shielded against external influences, such as extreme temperatures, high pressure and corrosive environments - conditions in which conventional actuators reach only a limited lifetime of a few hours. Unlike the series P / S, which achieves an Mean Time To Failure of 36,000 hours (for use below 85°C and 100V).

Translators are available in versions with a stroke of 18μm up to 70μm. The piezo drive is also able to realize a blocking force of up to 3400 N. The construction of the housing tightly encloses the stack, thereby avoiding mechanical play. A built in pre-load mechanism and mounting attachments make installation easy. The M3 thread in the bottom plate allows for easy adaptation into existing systems.

Product Highlights
• Motion up to 70 μm
• Blocking force up to 3400 N
• Universal use in different settings
• Hermetically sealed
• Very small and compact design
• Independent from environmental conditions
• Mounting at bottom plate

A few common applications include adjustment of X-Y tables, mirror/prism positioning, linear motors, and fluid flow control valve drives.

For further information on the series P/S please visit www.piezosystem.com

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